Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, I've been off the grid for a LONG time... in a few ways.  I haven't been tracking (though starting this week I'm eating healthy again), I took an accidental 2 weeks off of training, I quit WW (time and money), AND I don't have the internet (aka the literal grid).   But that's because I'm back on a new grid: the downtown Columbus, OH one.

Jon and I are finally moved into our new apartment and it's, in one word, TINY.  Thankfully, Jon's mom came up all the way from Montgomery to help us haul everything from Nelsonville and Cincinnati and we literally filled our new one-bedroom apartment with boxes.

We took Jon's mom to Schmidt's, a locally-famous German restaurant, as a "Thank you!" for all her help.  They're famous for their cream puffs, so clearly we each had to get one.

Then, once we'd completely overwhelmed ourselves with the amount of unpacking we have to do... We both went back to our respective other towns for work last week...  We finally moved in to stay as of last Friday and were able to get quite a bit of unpacking done.   BUT not all of it since last weekend we went camping in the Hocking Hills with friends and ran the Indian Run 10k trail run for the second year in a row!

(I look a bit odd)
At the starting line

Post-10k w/ our finisher's medals

Our fabulous $40 tent (chalet) from Craig's List

Goofing around

We had a GREAT weekend.  The 10k was hard, since it is such a hilly course and I hadn't been running regularly these past two weeks.  Before the race, I vowed that, this year, I'd run the last 1.2 miles (that are on the road and all uphill to the lodge).  I made it half way up there and was starting to get tired and was really pep talking myself to keep running, when, much to my surprise, I saw this face jogging DOWN the hill towards me:


He finished the race in just under an hour and decided to come down and run the last uphill bit with me.  He said he'd missed running together during the race and wanted to finish with me (and help keep me motivated to not walk and to push through).  Seriously, one of the sweetest things ever.

That said, I did not walk at all up that hill and I finished the 10k in 1:21:57 (13:14 pace).  Almost 4 minutes slower than last year (that's what I get for taking time off), but I walked up that hill partially last year and NOT THIS TIME.  So, overall I'm pretty happy.

Anyways, aside from unpacking, moving, racing, and camping I'm also trying to get settled at OSU.  Orientation was yesterday and tomorrow is the first day of classes!  I'm currently blogging from the OSU library... we don't have power at the apt until 3pm today (they're doing work on the transformer for the complex).  Busy, busy!  

Sorry for the random post, but here I am.  Just trying to get back on track in a new city!

More soon!