'Ze' Plan

I started my weight-loss journey in June 2009 using the WeightWatchers Momentum plan and LOVED it.  I saw such empowering results and really thrived by attending meetings and tracking my food.

Once I moved to France in October 2010, I downgraded my WW membership to eTools and thought I could do it on my own without my meetings for the 9 months I was going to spend teaching here in France... Not so easy.  Without the accountability of meetings and weekly weigh-ins, I started tracking sporadically and then not at all... What a waste of the money for my WW membership!  At least I maintained my prior weight loss in the land of pastry!

So, in February 2011, I finally caved and cancelled my WW membership and signed up for Calorie Count.  I figured that it wasn't worth paying for something I wasn't using and that without the meetings, counting calories seemed just as effective as eTools.  My new daily calorie target is 1232 calories/day, though I aim to keep it between 1200-1400 calories to allow myself to "live my life," as it were.  So far, I'm really loving it!

I'm also trying to get my water in daily and keep my sleep at a consistent 7.5-9h every night... Being in a good routine will pay off in the end!

For exercise, my goals are to keep up with my running 3x/week and cross train with yoga and P90X workouts.  Avignon is nice and flat, so I can get in some great runs now that Spring has arrived!

Additionally, I stumbled across the #7daychip on Twitter in March 2011 and with this group of fantastic people (along with my good friend/WW buddy at home, Amber), I'm finding the support I had been missing from my WW meetings at home.


...My new plan in a nutshell.  Here goes!