About 'ze' blog

Welcome to my blog. Chances are you're here for one of two reasons: you're part of the healthy-living, exercising, weight-losing blogosphere OR my mom gave you this blog address to follow my year abroad in France. Either way, you're in for a bit of both.

I started blogging sporadically at my old (retired) blog "Mes Belles Lettres" back in 2007 in order to prepare for and then document my study abroad in France in 2008. After returning to the states, I pretty much stopped blogging all together. That is, until early 2010, when my boyfriend Jon convinced me to sign up for a 5k that would happen the same day as the half marathon he was training for. I found Couch to 5K, stumbled across blogs of fellow C25Kers, decided to create "En Route to 'En' Shape," and never looked back.

"En Route to 'En' Shape" originally just chronicled my runs during C25K, but it quickly morphed into a place to talk about WeightWatchers (I've been a member since 2009), healthy living, cooking, and my life in general. Now, with my decision to spend this school year in France, you all get to see me talk about all of those things from my cozy apartment in Provence. That said, ER2ES is no longer just a running/weight-loss blog—it's pretty much whatever comes to mind as I try to keep my healthy habits while living in a country full of bread and pastries. Enjoy!