About 'moi'

A bit about me today: Like lots of people, I'm a recent college graduate who decided to take a year off after getting my diploma in order to relax and focus on preparing my life and my grad school applications. Instead of staying home in Ohio, I decided to pack up and spend this school year teaching elementary kids English in the South of France. Not a bad gig. In addition to that, I'm continuing my "healthiness" and happiness journey over here too. After losing some weight on WW in 2009 and maintaining (or plateauing) at around -30lbs since, I've picked up running and some improved self-esteem and am planning on using both by making the most of my experience here and by running my first half marathon.

I'll admit that after getting to a size 8/10 and realizing I was pretty happy, I haven't been quite as dedicated to my weightwatchering, but I still track and would really like to get the next 25 pounds down, though it's very hard being surrounded by cream sauces and pain au chocolat.

That said, for my way more detailed, obligatory weight loss story check out my first post back in February 2010.  Also, if you'd like to see some before/"after" photos, check out this post I wrote while I was in Paris this summer.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around for a bit! :)