Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running on the track, etc.

Hey friends! Happy weekend! I don't know about you, but I definitely needed it. Plenty of work to do. This week was pretty hectic with school and going to the gym and everything. Week 3 of training for the May 1st 5k was successfully completed, so I'm feeling pretty upbeat about that. I moved from the treadmill to the indoor track at the gym yesterday, which was kind of disappointing since instead of hitting a 37m 5k on the treadmill, it took me more like 45-50 minutes, assuming I counted the laps correctly. Oh well, just leaves room for improvement! Though, on the upside, my knee didn't hurt as bad while running this time since I was able to adjust my pace and focus on how my foot was striking the ground.

I'm really enjoying my new shoes:

Jon and I went last weekend to Bob Roncker's Running Spot in Cincinnati last weekend so that I could figure out what kind of shoes I needed. Lo and behold, they were having their huge once-a-year sale on shoes and I found these. I'm still trying to break them in and my right knee is still bothering me a bit, but we'll see. I'm hoping it's not the new shoes, because I'm a fan. There's just something about getting run gear to work out in that helps motivate me to actually work out, is that weird?

Anyways, I'm going to the doctor's at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to go over the blood work she had me do, so I can ask her about the knee/to recommend someone to look at it if necessary. Mostly, I'm concerned about my cholesterol. When I gave blood a few months ago, I called the little number they give you so that you can check you cholesterol and it told me I was a 240... This was kind of a surprise, though I realize that I hadn't fasted or anything in order to get a proper reading, but still. So, I scheduled an appointment with a nice doctor here in Athens, and we ordered the test. We'll see.

In other news, Jon and I are going to check out a gym closer to home this afternoon. While we're enjoying the Athens Rec Center, it would be nice to be able to pop over to the gym in the morning and then come back to our own shower to get ready. Either way, it's gym-joining crunch time, since we're down to our last 2 punches on our freebie try-the-rec-center punch card that Jon got from his work. All of this working out is really keeping me positive. I'm feeling really optimistic about weigh-in on Tuesday, if I can just keep from going too crazy tonight when I go out with the girls. I'm so close to hitting that -25lbs. mark that I can hardly stand it. On that note, I'm going to go be productive for a bit today, gotta get plenty of homework done so I can have a relaxing evening out. Have a great weekend!