Friday, July 23, 2010

Paris in the Summer!

Sorry for the scarce updates since I've been back in internet-land... The time change or décalage horaire in French is bad enough, but when you combine it with two weeks worth of sleeping on a fold-out couch prior to exiting the country... let's just say I slept till noon yesterday.

The plane ride over was uneventful... after I got off the ground. Leaving the house, I was already stressed about not hearing from the Paris Shuttle company and was already exhausted. That ended up being a huge problem later since I realized once we got to the airport in Columbus (1.5 hours from our house) that I'd left my carry-on suitcase at home. This was definitely not good since I always put my most important things in my carry-on: makeup, jewelry, chargers... running shoes... I was so tired and stress that when I figured out it was at home, I burst out in tears in the middle of the airport. Jon really is a trooper, since I'm sure I was definitely making a scene. Thankfully one of my students stopped by my house and brought it so I can get my Parisian run on while I'm here.

That said, I'm going for my first run today with my friend Christy. We'll probably just check out the surroundings near our dorm (we're in the 6ème arondissement) and then branch out from there. I'm already compiling a list of places I want to run...

1. Down next to the Seine
2. In the Jardin de Luxembourg
3. Over in the Bois de Vincennes

The weather here is perfect for running (especially in comparison with summer in Alabama), so it should be fun. I'll be sure to take my camera with me and document what I see! I definitely need to run often in order to work off all this food! Yesterday, we had dessert twice! Paris is definitely not being points friendly so far. Here's a quick sample of some of our recent food intake:

Chèvre (i.e. goat cheese)


Creme brulée

Salted Caramel ice cream

Cognac with Judith!

Despite this decadence, I'm feeling okay... We're walking a lot and I'm feeling really good in all of my clothes after all of the work we did outside this month. Plus, the fact that I've already purchased a pair of REALLY cute shoes here doesn't hurt!

Anyway, I'm off for a run with Christy. On tap for today: Class 1-3, then a boat tour on the Seine and a free evening to do with what we please! :) More later!


Lynz said...

Oh wow.. Congrats on making it over there okay!!! Take lots of pictures on the runs and of the scenery, I have never been and would love to "share" the experience.

Good to "hear" from you again!!

Dave said...

Yes, what Lynz said ... and mmmmmm, creme brulée!