Thursday, July 1, 2010

Off to Auburn!

I can't believe it's finally here: Our long-anticipated trip down south to spend a few weeks visiting friends and Jon's family, and working on getting Jon's house ready for its new renter who will be moving in right after we leave.

I probably won't have internet most of the time while we're down there, so there's a good chance you won't be seeing me for a few weeks, but, I promise to post when I get back and as I move on to Paris! Like I've already mentioned, I've already found a WW meeting in Auburn, so I hope to weigh-in at least once or twice and to stay on plan while I'm down there and we'll be there for almost 3 weeks, Jon and I are going to actually cook and try and eat normally as opposed to the restaurant free-for-all that our other trips to Auburn have been.

That said, I have a few goals for my time down there:
1. Try to stay on plan as much as possible and to not overdo it on beer and "Auburn" classic food (Mama G's, etc.). It's delicious, but I really don't want to gain a million pounds pre-Paris!
2. Keep up my half marathon training by exploring the town.
3. Weigh in at least once at a WW meeting.
4. Enjoy seeing everyone, since I won't be seeing any of them again until I get back from France next year (probably). Sadface.

On that note, I guess all I have to leave you with is a quick 'War Eagle!' ...Now, off to hop in the car!