Saturday, October 16, 2010


WOO! Big news! I was going to post about how I was displeased about my eating this week and how I resolve to do better this week, but then yesterday happened! What happened, you ask? Well, yesterday was my FIRST double digit run!!!! I set out to hit 9 miles in training, but I felt so good that I pushed all the way to 10! I'm really surprised because I spent all day being lazy in pajamas and REALLY had to work to pull myself off the couch to do this run, which is why it ended up happening at sunset.

Autumn is finally "bien installé" (very present) here in Avignon, as can be seen by the enormous amount of Mistral wind we've been having the past few days. The Mistral is a particularly southern/Provençal wind that can blow consistently for a day or for weeks... Very fun. As such, I have already bought gloves and and ear-covering headband that I feel like I'll have to start using soon! Yesterday's run was the first one with my winter tights and I'm very pleased that they cut the wind really well. I'll definitely need to get another pair because wearing the same pair 3x a week is going to be a bit difficult. Although sometimes it felt like I was running against a wall of wind, I think the cooler temperature did help me a bit on this run. Anyway, here are the photos from the run! One great part of having Claire with me is that she gets to be the official photographer on our excursions and I just get to keep on running!

Running around the Ile as the sun sets = gorgeous

Apple orchards... We borrowed a few apples... I doubt they'll be missed

I'm running so fast I'm a blur! (Har har)

On the way home... Sunset over the Rhône and the palais des papes

Mile 10 was a lot slower because I paused to play with this vicious beast. I miss Sahara.

WOO! 10 miles!

See? Mr. Garmin has the proof (plus some extra walking!)

I felt great after the run, and I'm really pleased with the splits, since I made myself slow down in the beginning so I could have a more consistent pace. The only downside today is that my left knee REALLY hurts a little bit underneath it on the outside, so I'm definitely going to have to start doing the exercising again! As long as I can run pain free, I'm feeling REALLY good about next month's half marathon! I can't believe how far I've come!

Oh, and aside from running, here's me a bit more cleaned up at a really classy bar in town for Rosie's 21st birthday! What a great get together! It felt like all of the assistants who live in Avignon were there!

Jess, Me, and Rosie all dressed up!

More later! Tomorrow's lesson with the kiddies is on Halloween, so I hope it goes well!

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Syl said...

you are adorable ;-). Congrats on the run, looks like a beautiful place to hit double digits!