Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Salads, Strikes and Tangents

Well, as I'm sure most of you know, a large part of France is on strike (including the post office... meaning no mail for me!). It's really quite irritating, but it could be worse... I could live in Marseille, where the trash hasn't been collected in over a week!. I have friends working there and I've seen photos... So bad. Luckily all the strikes haven't messed up my buses or my work (yet), but there are quite a few assistants who haven't been working in their schools due to the "grèves".

In running news, how have I never heard about running tangents? I stumbled across the idea while reading another blog, and seeing as this is the course for this weekend, I'm looking forward to trying it out. It'll be good practice for the half!

Speaking of good training for the half, I had a great run yesterday. I decided to do a 5-miler with a goal of trying something "tempo-y" since I've never done a real tempo run. I randomly threw out the goal of a 11:15 average and ended up with a 11:22! Not too shabby! Plus I found a new path to run on that's 5 miles out and back and goes all alone the edge of the river! Really nice!

Oh, and finally, I have a new vegetable love: beets. Why have I never bought them before? They're so gooood! Just check out today's lunch: a huge salad with beets, corn, peppers and a hard boiled egg. YUM.!

Anyway, just trying to keep eating healthy and running. I'd LOVE to see a difference when I get back on the scale in the States at Christmas... I know I can weigh myself here, but in kilos, it just isn't the same! I have plenty of points saved up for tomorrow aka the big lunch with the profs from one of my schools. It should be delicious. I actually changed my weigh-in day to Saturday in hopes that having my POINTS reset during the weekend will keep me accountable and make me less likely to give up at the end of the week and stop tracking (since they used to reset Monday morning). We'll see! More later! Tomorrow's Halloween lessons round 2!


Christina said...


If you'll be wearing your Garmin, I wouldn't worry too much about running tangents. If there is a big crowd, running tangents can be kind of impossible anyway. Just report your Garmin distance, time, and pace instead of the 'official' race distance and your 'official' pace. That's what I do. :)

I can't imagine the strikes!!! No mail? No trash collection? That is crazy! Haha, talk about a foreign concept!

Nice job on the tempo run! I think the wrong splits showed up (I'm seeing splits for 10.8 mi instead of for 5 mi).

I've never had beets, either. Where do you even buy beets? Haha, I've never looked for them at the store. Yea, I know they'd be in the produce section, but I've really just never seen them.

Nicky said...

There you go! Fixed the splits. Accidently re-uploaded last week's 10 miler!

You can get beets at the supermarket---canned is easiest. :)