Saturday, October 30, 2010

Introducing the 50 Day Challenge

Sorry I've been so absent. I haven't run at all this week (bad, I know) and I've been on vacation in the Ariège department (kind of like a mix between a county and a state) visiting our family friends Gérard and Marie-Hélène. Pics and an update on that to come tomorrow!

This is going to be a short post, but I just wanted to point out that there are 50 days! until I go home for Christmas. That said, I weighed in this morning at 75.6kg (I think the scale at the apartment must be wrong since I was 75 both here today (and yesterday) and at Sylvain's house last weekend). That said, I weigh about 166lbs... meaning I've lost nothing here so far, which is a sad reflection on my eating habits since I've been running (aside from this week) and walking everywhere.

As such, welcome to the 50 Day Challenge. I'm still trying to decide what that means since I've eliminated the official half marathon for the 13th (I really didn't want to be one of the last 10 out of 1000 participants). I get home from vacation tomorrow and then it's on (like Donkey Kong, of course) for a month and a half. I plan to make a huge pot of veggie soup and try and limit my sweets intake to only partaking when I'm with others who make special French desserts (i.e. 1-2 times a week, like the Thursday lunch with the professors of one of my schools). I'm also going to continue running regardless of half marathon status. In the end, it might be better anyway to run my first half with Jon and somewhere where my momma can watch me! I'm not a part of a gym here, so I bought a set of 3kg hangweights and a yoga kit (matt, block, strap... don't know what to use the last 2 for, but it only came as a set). Any at-home cross training suggestions or suggestions on ideas for what to do with this 50 day challenge would be really appreciated. I had most of my success losing weight back when I was lifting regularly, so I know I really need to incorporate something like that back in, but it seems so daunting with only handweights and a matt!!! Mostly, well, I'd like to lose 3lbs and get to 163... the 30 lbs mark.

So yeah, 50 days and counting!


Katie said...

Maybe you haven't lost anything, but you haven't gained in the land of deliciousness!

Also, I miss you like whoa. Seriously, things happen all the time and I think, OMG--got to call Nicky! And I realize...right, France.

Katie said...

Oh, and the block and strap are to help you get into yoga positions that you might not be flexible enough for.

Christina said...

I bet you had an awesome vacation! I can't wait to see the pics.

The 50-Day Challenge sounds great! Specific plans will help you the most. You should commit to bi-weekly blog updates just for the accountability factor. Haha, I do so much better when I'm writing about my progress.

I can't imagine trying to stay away from French sweets. Eating well over there has got to be tough!

Enjoy getting back into running. :) We've had some cold mornings over here, and I've been loving running in the 30-degree weather!