Monday, November 1, 2010

50 Day Challenge Details!

Sneak peak photos from my vacation this past week. Plus, I feel like the Pyrenees are an appropriate metaphor for this challenge and for losing weight... It's like climbing a mountain?

It's official. The 50 Day Challenge has begun and here are the rules:

1. Stay within my DP (daily points) 4 days a week (as in not eating any extra weekly points or APs (activitiy points))*
2. 5 days a week of exercise with at least two of them being running days (6 is ideal with 50/50)
3. 10 pounds down by the end of the challenge, which would break my plateau in a big way
*Unofficial goal to not eat ANY of the APs I earn, just the 35 weekly!

I told my friend Amber about my idea and she's going to hop on board with me as well (only her exercise goals are different). That'll be fun, especially since we'll see each other over Christmas and New Year's! She and I will be checking in with each other on Wednesdays, with the last official day being Dec 21 (50 days from today exactly, even though it's 2 days after I get home). This will allow me to go to a real WW meeting to get weighed in in pounds! As for the -10 goal, we'll see what happens! I think I'm at 166 now based on Marie-Hélène and Gérard's scale this week, so technically the goal is going to be 156, but with my plateau being so intense, I'll be happy with anything under 165 (since 166 has been my lowest weight so far on this teeter-totter of weight loss!)

Regardless of what happens, i just hope that this 50 Day Challenge gets me back in the "lose weight" eating mentality versus the "maintenance' mentality I've slipped into! PLUS, Jon is also doing his own version of a 50 Day Challenge! He's going to start doing P90X and try and get the trailer ready to sell so that we can move once I come home in July! :) Now, we just all need to get down to business! Today I streamed an exercise video from Shape on Netflix (first time doing that!) and, while it wasn't my favorite, I do think I'll keep using these to make sure I get all my exercise in! Not too shabby! PLUS I can get full Pilates workouts online from Pilates on Fifth. I should be all set!

Here I go! I'll try and recap vacation soon and then I'll be back next Wednesday (at the latest) for the analysis of Week 1 of the Challenge! :) Woo!

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Sunny said...

i love your 50 day challenge idea, sounds intense!! i need to do something like that. you can do it!!