Thursday, November 11, 2010

50 Day Challenge: Week 1 Check-In

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Yesterday was Amber’s and my first weekly check-in for the 50 Day Challenge, and, I must say, I don’t think I did that stellar. I have gone over my points 4 days (though I didn’t eat any APs) and I only exercised 4 times. I’m not thrilled, but I know I’m still getting into the swing of the new plan.

That said, I did spend a few days doing a modified “vegetable soup cleanse.” I meant to do the drastic 7-day diet like the one here. I know it is not recommended by the hospital people claim developed it, but a co-worker did it, modified it later and has seen impressive results, so I figured “What the heck!” and away I went. So far, my only problems have been going out with people or specific events here in Avignon, other than that I’m trying to stick to the description, all while tracking my points, since, believe me I could EASILY go over my 22 DPs eating only fruit if you let me eat as much of it as I wanted. This was proven Monday (aka Banana and Milk day) where I could have easily eaten a whole bunch of bananas (5 large ones to be exact) without batting an eyelash. I’m a bananaholic and I admit it. All fruit really, but especially bananas.

I pretty much fell off the semi-strict wagon when I got to the only meat or only meat and tomatoes days… I don't eat a lot of meat and couldn't give up fruits and veggies for a few days. That said, I did make a whole new batch of veggie soup for this week, so at least that part will be sticking around. Really what I’ve noticed so far with these past few days of “cleanse” is that eating at least one meal a day of low-cal soup really helps me stay within my daily points, especially when I go out with the other language assistants at night. With at least one essentially calorie-free, filling meal, I don’t go quite as overboard as I have in the past and I’m never hungry. While I didn't follow this diet 100%, always having homemade veggie soup in reserve for at least one serving a day is from here on out part of the plan. It’ll help me get my veggies in, keep my points down, and (bonus) it’s very economical since fresh (and frozen) produce in France isn’t very expensive. A win all around!

As far as the scale is concerned, I think I may have lost one KG, but I may have gained it back last night when my friend Jared came into town for the weekend. I'm (sort of) okay with that. Note to self: drinking a bottle and a half of rosé each is probably not a great POINTS life choice. Aside from that, with a few days of almost entirely fresh food under my belt (literally), I'm feeling really good and I'm even beginning to reconsider running a half marathon in France in Marseille in April. They have a bus that will come along and pick up anyone who's pacing to hit a time over 2:45:00, but I'm going to try and figure out a way to get my speed up so that a 2:30:00 half is almost certain. Plus, there are a few other assistants who might run it AND, if we can work it out, Jon might even be able to be here to run it too. THAT would be amazing, since (I know it's dorky), but I would really like to have him there for my first half. Anyway, so there you go for the first week update. It feels really good to be back into cooking. I was having a difficult time getting myself to cook my first month here since I missed a) my knives and b) having someone to cook with/for (I miss my Jonboy!). But, since I found two beautiful butternut squash (5lbs for 4€!!) at the market and decided to make curried b-squash soup later this week, I knew that continuing to use my roomie's steak knives to cook was no longer an option. So, one 12€ knife later, I'm back in business! Here's to week 2! :)


Lynz said...

Hey to pick up your time... look at doing some speed drills. There are all sorts of plans, but you do more sprinting rather than jogging. The distance is shorter and on intervals. I do that a couple times a week to try and improve on all my running times.

Good luck on the half...

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