Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fabulous Tracking and a Shopping "Spree"

Today's WW investment: a spray bottle of olive oil. I'm sure I paid too much for it, but I can't find the cooking spray/olive oil I used to buy in the States, so a spray bottle of normal olive oil seems to be the next best idea. 10 sprays is 1 tsp, so since I'm currently without measuring spoons this will keep me accountable. I used it for the first time making brunch this morning (slept in today, bliss):

Ham, egg, cheese with a pot of my fave fromage blanc with homemade apricot jam and a cup of earl grey

Not a stellar photo, but it was delicious and really filling. Paired with one of those crazy 0 point bananas and this 8-point brunch was lovely. I didn't run today (I thought I might... it's freezing outside), but it already feels good to be really tracking and getting down to business.

Dinner was also a lovely WW event.

Since I ate that late and filling brunch, I had an apple as a snack and was good to go until dinner... with 21 points left! With that many points, I decided I should splurge for things I don't usually have enough points for (salmon and pasta). Using my roomie's scale I took my box of pasta and divided it into 5-100g servings (that's what the box said a serving was) so that have them at the ready for future dinners. Apparently 100g of pasta is also 9 pts and, as I've learned from this meal, WAY more pasta than I need, so I'll be dividing those pre-portioned bags in half next time! Still, I'm ending today with 28 points, not too shabby for official Day One and I was never hungry! :)

Aside from that, I indulged in a non-food way today: shopping. I haven't been at all while I've been here (since we don't make much money), but I went to H&M buy the dress for NYE that I've been eyeballing and ended up with so much more:

I don't know what is sadder... the fact that the only place I have a full-length mirror is in the elevator in my building or the fact that I actually went and got in the elevator for the express purpose of showing you all this dress... You decide.

Mine's actually navy... I need less black and it can do double duty for Auburn fun :)

Oh and I did actually get the dress, after a million visits to H&M to try it on in different sizes (Mine's a 40/US10!) I hadn't been able to decide between this first one:

Or this one:
Also in black

But then I went back today and they only had the first one in one size left, so I went ahead and bought the second one just to be safe... The choice might come up again if they ever get dress one back in stock. Then, I came home, shoeless, and found these little guys on sale for half off at Aldo online! I get ALL of my flats from Aldo, so I knew there would be ordering happening since my brown flats needed to be thrown out 6 months ago.

Plus, found shoes to wear with my bridesmaid dress for Katy's wedding!

All in all, quite the successful shopping AND eating/tracking day, even if it means now going back and readjusting my budget for December. It was more than I meant to spend, but I'm happy with what I've bought since they will all be nice pieces in the new "classy almost grown-up" wardrobe I want to create for myself. How was your day?


Elle, A PriorFatGirl said...

It looks like you had A LOT of fun shopping! I can't wait until we get an H&M here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. It's supposed to be here sometime next year. I LOVE the dress and the shoes. I bought a pair of pumps from Aldo a couple of weeks ago, and even though I can barely stand in them, I want to wear them every day. Please keep posting pictures of your lovely wardrobe as you build it! I also want to build up a "grown up" closet!

Anonymous said...

Mom said- love the choices deary. I need more information on the new tracking. Will stick to the plan I know for now until you come home. My eating day went well- I do have to figure out a way to work exercise in. Did not drink enough water- how is the new plan on drinking?
I especially love the new dress and ruffle shoes. My only concern is the wedding shoes- will you be a cripple at the end of the event? You are your Grandma Joyce's girl in the shoe department.
I am sad at how your day ended- keep your chin up and your eyes and heart open for new experiences the lord has a big plan for you.
More later,

Christina said...

Ow, ow! You look sexy in that dress!!!! I really like the clothes you wear. You always look so cute!

Your food looks yummy. I'm glad you're working the new plan! Keep it up, girl!