Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things I know today...

1. I still want to go to Emory and move to Atlanta, even by myself.
2. When I do so, I'm going to buy my own furry companion that I can keep.
3. Today's been a horrible day I wouldn't wish on anyone anywhere.
4. I didn't go out and buy a tub of ice cream.
5. Saying 'I'm sad.' wouldn't begin to cover it.
6. I want my mom and my country.
7. Tracking is going to keep me sane.
8. I have amazing friends.
9. I need to go for a run soon.
10. I feel ill. Like I've been punched in the gut. Like I might throw up.
11. I wish more than anything that I was lying in numbers 3, 5, and 10.


Christina said...

I think I'm going to get a dog in a year or two, too. What kind do you want? I want a shelter mutt. :)

I'm sorry you're having a bad day! A run will greatly improve your mood and put things in perspective. HUGS!

Katie said...

Kudos on the non-purchase of ice cream. I wish I had half your will-power.

I miss you so much! While you're state-side, don't despair, I will find you for some quality time. If nothing else, I'll get to visit Cincy for the first time.

I love you so so so much!

Katie said...

Non-sequitur: The CAPTCHA for my last comment was "flans" which has inspired me to go sit in a cupboard and slowly collapse. Much like the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Chris said...

I think Katie is wrong. I think you ABSOLUTELY need to go buy ice cream. It's important.

I once took the Brit to Red Robin to get milkshakes and he was aaaaaaaaaastouuuundedddd beause apparently they don't do that (or at least not well) in England. You could get a milkshake instead of a pint, so it's not sitting around your house, but you CLEARLY NEED IT. AND NOW. I hope they do milkshakes in France.

Chris said...

P.S. I love you too. You'll have your mom AND your country AND me very very soon! Chin up, young person.

Tricia said...


great job skipping the ice cream

Anonymous said...

I am the mom - and your spot on the sofa is waiting.

However I am puzzled? over the numbers 3,5,and 10.

Tigger is ready for big time cuddles- you are his person. I am just a stand in.

What I have learned over time is that relationships when they are good are very very good and when they go bad they are devastating to recover from. Time and friends will work wonders. Being on your own can have its advantages.

See you very soon- hugs a plenty