Monday, December 6, 2010

Drown my sorrows? : My first run in with the new beer ProPoint values!

As mentioned in the last post, Friday was a hard day. I learned Thursday that my friend Judith was actually not getting into town Friday as I'd planned (she bought her train ticket for the wrong day), leaving me with probably the worst thing you can give a depressed person: an entire day of free, alone time. As soon as I learned J wasn't getting in as planned, I not only planned my run, but I also texted ALL my friends who hadn't left for the weekend, begging them to take me out. In the end, we got a decent group of about 7 total and, as my British friends would say, we got "merry."

We also went and listened to a free concert given by Seb (I teach in his girlfriend's class and babysit their kids). The concert was great. Seb sings what the French called "chansons à texte," which means his songs are more poetic and tell stories when he sings. Here's a link to one of his songs on MySpace. Since he sang in French (obviously), it was really nice that he tells stories and sings relatively slowly because I was able to understand and appreciate his songs. Only downside was that I had to PEE and eventually had to sneak out... The "sneaking" bit was ineffective since I kicked over someone's glass beer glass and broke it (loudly) on my way out... Oops.

We ended up in another bar afterwards and had a pretty good time. They all kept me constantly supplied with beer and, for the most part, kept my mind off things, so that was good. In the end, I entered the 2.5L I'd consumed (I'd say goal of getting very drunk was accomplished) and this was my dinner:

Yes, it was unhealthy to drink my dinner and WOW did beer go up in points. But at least I got out there. I'm very lucky to have made such good friends here in such a short amount of time (probably because I'm not shy). I may have woken up feeling just as sad as the day before but with the added bonus of a huge headache, but it was worth it to get out of the apartment for a bit.

Also: small victory = I tracked everything and am staying within my points for the week.

I know I'm blogging less about exercise at the moment and am not sure when I'll be more upbeat... but stick with me, I'm working on it I promise. Just trying to take it day by day. Chin up.

Next post: amazing French foodie pics and Judith's visit

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Anonymous said...

So grateful of your resourcefulness- leaning on friends is such a great tool. You are a good friend in return I am sure when someone else needs to lean. Beer points worth it- run girl run
What big plans do you have for Judith's visit? How long will she be there?
Its really cold here tonight- going to bed to get warm.
I will decorate the house this weekend for you.
Love you,