Monday, December 13, 2010

Earring Day

I didn't have time this morning, but here are a few photos from earring day. I got some compliments on them (which was fun since I got to explain why they're awesome).

They, in addition to a lovely meal at our favorite tartine place, helped make today not terrible. I am strangely really excited that we go there enough that the main waiter knows us and he and I had a nice chat tonight talking about how all of us were going home for the holidays. Regardless, finding out your ex has already found his "rebound" person less than 2 weeks later makes for a relatively irredeemable day, despite cheeky tartines, new earrings, and red wine. Ulgh. Trying to find some positivity in here somewhere.

More later and hopefully some exercise tomorrow (I'm so bad with this wind...) and home to the states in 6 days. Gotta get some running in since that dinner ate up the last of my weekly points! Whew! It's only Monday! Can't wait to get home!.


Christina said...

LOVE the earrings! Those are so cute! Congrats on finally getting to wear them! I hope you feel like a million bucks.

Oh, my! That food looks so good. I'm not hungry right now, but I would totally scarf that down. YUM.

Sorry to hear about Jon. SUCK.

Anonymous said...

Bravo on the Earrings- they are so worth it. Lets work on another accessory- do you have a idea?
Bracelet, necklace????
Yes= I am looking forward to Sunday hope you have a good trip. What time do you leave? What time do you get in? Are you making many changes?
Its very very cold here in the 20's for a high. Does not look like a lot of snow this week- do not know about next week.
Perhaps it will get warm again for Christmas.
Continue to focus on what is good for you- friends, reading, running, balanced diet and one day the hurt will not lead your day.
I am praying for you and your sore heart.
Love you-