Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cookies, Weigh-In Day, and Evil Wind

Last night continued with my personal quest to a) be positive, b) keep busy, and c) try and enjoy Christmas as much as possible. I had my lovely girlfriends over to my apartment for some Christmas cheer and cookie decorating. We're really trying to do as much as can to pass the time buy and enjoy the season here before we all go to our respective homes this week/weekend. :) Here's the recipe we went off. Not "healthy" by any means, but it was a great time.

Our makeshift roller.

Weighed in this morning (after a breakfast of some cheese and toast... I forgot to weigh in) at 72kg (158.7lbs). I blame this .5kg (1.1lb) gain from yesterday on last night's Christmas cookie extravaganza. Since I didn't get in a lot of tracked activity points (I don't count my walking/biking around the city), I ended the week with a -2WP count. Not my best work. :-/

Today's gain would probably have been avoided if Helen and I had, in fact, gone running yesterday. As you can see from the lack of running posts, we did not since neither of us have the correct running gear to run in 45mph winds in the cold. I need to get some more running gear when I'm home in the states... Do any of you have any recommendations to battle this wind?

So far, I have:
a coldgear turtleneck
a pair of winter tights
a half zip fleece
a light all weather gear jacket
running gloves
fleece headband

The wind is supposed to calm down, so we'll be on schedule for a run tomorrow. We're debating training for the Marseille half marathon on April 17th. I'd sign up for it in a heartbeat, though I'm nervous about the 2:45:00 cut off... We'll see. I think it'd be really nice to have someone to train with the whole time and then run side by side during the race. Jon and I would train at the same time, but we wouldn't run together. I think it'd be really nice to have an actual running buddy.

Anyway, this week is a slight gain, but nothing that can't be fixed! Now I just need to find a training plan and kick my butt in gear!


fittingbackin said...

I agree - nothing that can't be fixed!! On another note - those cookies look amazing!!!

Christina said...

Holy crap, when did you bust into the 150s???? Great job!

It looks like you are having so much fun over there.

I usually feel a little cold the first mile or two of a run. Do you feel good temperature-wise at the end of your runs? If you stop to walk or even to wait for a traffic light, you're going to get cold fast, and it's hard to warm back up all the way. Your running outfit sounds perfect! What are winter tights? I'll have to show you my insulated pants. I don't think they're really insulated, but that's what I call them. :)

A 2:45 half by April? Go for it!!! I know you mentioned last time that you were worried about finishing near the end. With a buddy, that would be a lot easier to handle. You can totally do this, and it'll make you feel great about yourself. :)

P.S. - I recommend staying away from the fancy training plans your first time around. Check out Higdon's plans:
(scroll down, and look to the left).