Sunday, November 28, 2010

50 Day Challenge Fail


Like I promised, time to fess up and get back into things. I admit: I haven't been around lately because I haven't wanted to hold myself accountable to how little I've been tracking and how I've not been running. I don't think I've gained (I still don't like weighing myself on this kilo scale and I have been doing P90X), but I am feeling like a bit of an out of control blob. I don't think I've been unreasonably overeating, but not tracking has left me feeling a bit out of control.

I have 22 days left in the 50 Day Challenge and it's going to be a struggle to see some changes between now and then. Tomorrow starts WW's new ProPoints plan online so I'm going to get back down to business and make these last few weeks count. Jon's parents are on WW and I'm spending Christmas with them down in Alabama, so our holiday eating should be pretty reasonable.

Here's to trying to stoke back up that fire that I had when I first got on a WW plan back in June 2009. I'm ready to make this new plan work for me. Here goes! What can I say, I do want to look good when I step off that plane! ;)


Christina said...

Girl, I've seen the pictures you've posted. You don't look like an out-of-control blob. Not tracking my food always makes me feel a little crazy, too. We should trust ourselves a little more!

That's awesome Jon's parents are on WW! How long will you be in the states for Christmas? Will you be in Alabama the entire time?

Is the new plan officially out yet? Do you like it? Also, you should tell us more about p90x. :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have also been thankful for my family and especially my wonderful amazing daughters- everyday they teach me more about how generous life really is.
You are a special little girl to me always.
see you in 22 days yeah