Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's the day! WW ProPoints!

Happy Monday!

This is what greeted me today when I signed online after work:

After spending more time than I'd like trying to get the site to work (apparently it doesn't yet work with RockMelt OR Safari, thanks Firefox), I updated my DP allowance and got down to the business of seeing which of my most often consumed foods/favorite foods had changed values overnight.

So far, here are my big "finds":

-New point calculations take into account carbohydrates, fat, protein, and fiber. Bye bye, calories.
-Fruits are now, wait for it, ZERO points. I tried to track a clementine and accidentally entered 110 of them... still zero points. That's obviously not to say that you should abuse this whole "eat more fruits and veg" thing, but it feel so nice.
-Wine and beer are even more points than before. Now, a serving of red wine = 4 PPs, white = 3 PPs, and 12oz of reg. beer are 5 PPs. Light beer takes the place of old points value reg. beer at 3 PP/serving.
-My favorite yogurt here in France is still 1 PP. For all intents and purposes, it's essentially greek yogurt.

-Starchy veggies still have points (can't get away with EVERYTHING for free on this plan, obviously)
-The eTools tracker now shows things in grams too (helpful)
-My daily points allowance went up from 22 to 29 and my weekly points from 35 to 49.
-Did I mention that fruits (INCLUDING BANANAS) are zero points? Oh, I did. I must just be excited.

Today was my first day tracking (though I didn't count points until I got home from work tonight) and I'm feeling really optimistic about this plan. WW's CEO David did a really good post about getting on board with the new plan over at his blog, definitely check it out. I need to hunt down a scale, but I'm ready to go back to being a newbie and track, track, tracking! It's here and I'm pumped! I'll let you know how it progresses of course! Tonight I've already stocked up on some lean meat, plenty of fruits and veg and more of my favorite yogurts! Let's kick this plateau goodbye! :)

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Jayelle said...

I am happy to hear good feedback on the new program. I am from Canada and the program does not roll out for Canadians until next week!

I am also pumped about the new program and free fruit!!