Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging from the Bus

So, I now have a smartphone. My sister and her fiance got a plan together so I got to upgrade to her old HTC evo until Jon and I end up on a plan together.  It's pretty nice having internet wherever.

Clearly, though, I'm not used to this or I would have hunted down the nutritional info for work's catered lunch today while I was in the meeting, you know, before I ate it. I thought I did ok: chicken sandwich, salad, and some cookie. Felt bad about the cookie, but still. Went my desk to calculate... 43 points (or ponies if my autocorrect is true)... almost the same overall feeling.

I'm so disappointed in myself and I'm going to have to make myself actually run like I've been meaning to to make up for it. I've not been doing my activity like i should and I've not wanted to blog about it.  Too mahy lame excuses and I'm feeling really gross. Here's to me dragging my ass out the door and to hopefully picking up some weights. Need to get back on track... especially if that half in October is going to happen.

And now, time to get off the bus.