Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm a bad blogger (in a sari)

I'm a bad blogger, I admit it.

I can't believe I've already been back from France for an ENTIRE MONTH and have only blogged… twice?  I think I've also only run maybe three times…. 

That said I've been very busy jetting off every weekend to distant (Ohio-y) places for weddings or Alabama for grilling ribs and celebrating our country's independence.

Last week was the wedding of one of my absolute best friends from college, Katy and her man Jay.  The whole weekend was AMAZING and I had a blast seeing all my college friends (who I haven't seen in 1-2 years) and celebrating Katy and Jay's wonderful day.  

Since Jay is 1/4 Indian, the rehearsal dinner was Indian-themed and we all wore saris and got mehendi (henna) on our hands.  Such an awesome idea!  Here are some photos from the weekend.  :)

Tonight starts my little sister's wedding weekend!  After this, I hope to relax and get back into the swing of healthy things.  Like Christina dared me, I'm going to get out there at least 1x this weekend and run a mile.  Maybe more.  Then we'll go from there.  Only 11 weeks until the Columbus Half Marathon.  Need to see what I can do… Hope I can handle it!