Monday, August 1, 2011

A Pinkeye Wedding

So, wedding season is finally over.  Well, at least its summer portion.  Jessica's wedding turned out really well... except for one little hitch.  I (the MOH) woke up that morning with pink eye.  In both eyes.  Really bad.  Even after an emergency doctor's appointment, it kept getting worse, but, I wo-manned up and got through it and rocked my glasses and crazy eye to the best of my ability.  Aside from that, everything went well:

At the rehearsal dinner (pre-Crazy eyes)

My brother-in-law is EOD in the Army, so my aunt painted his duckie in camo w/ the EOD insignia on it.

Mr. & Mrs.

Rachel and me warring for the bouquet.  Sadly, I lost.  
No wedding for moi, it seems!

Me looking absurd (and holding my glassed behind Jon's back)
Jon looking debonair and handsome.  As per usual.

Not my best look, but it happens.  I ran around the whole thing with antibacterial hand stuff and washed my hands like a fiend (you know, being contaigious and all)... and only managed to give pink eye to one person.  The Bride.  The day after her wedding.  Here's us at the eye doctor the next day (my eye got a lot worse overnight, so I had to go back... a half hour before her appt):

Note: My super swollen left eye.  Hot.

Aside from that, it was a great wedding and ceremony.  :)  Congrats to the mister and missus!  Love you!