Thursday, August 25, 2011

Belts: A change in perspective

I don't know about you other people who have lost any amount of weight, but I, for one, have noticed a HUGE change in what I will/won't wear now that I'm feeling better about the way I look.  This month has been a frantic month of boxes and more boxes and of going though and weeding out old clothes that I kept "just in case."

I've found a TON of old shirts and things that just plain don't fit, yes, but I've also come to realize that the cuts of clothing I prefer now are different in many ways.  Gone are a lot of the floofy could-be-maternity tops that play up the boobs and hide the stomach and Hello to new, more feminine, curve-showing tops and dresses in their place.  Only now as I've started to experience with new cuts and colors am I realizing how dark my wardrobe was for so long as though black would hide my insecurities about my body along with providing a "classic" look.  I always lamented (to myself) that when I was heavy I just didn't feel like I could wear light, feminine tops and dresses... Mostly because I didn't feel very "light."  I know this was me  being really hard on myself, but it's only now that I've started to branch out that I can see how my clothing choices in many ways reflected (and projected) how I felt about me to the world.

That said, not only am I wearing different styles of clothing now, but being thinner has introduced a new accessory into my wardrobe that I shied away from in a big way before: belts.  Pre-WW, I'd sometimes wear the occasional under-boob waist-y belt with a dress or something, but a traditional "keep your pants up" belt?  Nowhere to be seen.  I felt like that added 1/2" of buckle just made me thicker and drew attention to where I wanted it the absolute least.

Now, 27 lbs lighter and 6-8 sizes down, I'm starting to fall in love with belts as I slowly reintroduce them into my wardrobe... Not only do I need them to hold up pants for once as I move through the sizes, but I think they're fun to jazz up outfits and dresses.  :)

All this to say that I bought a new belt today while at lunch.  I love it.  It's a TJ Maxx find from Michael Kors and it's the first, nice brown addition to my wardrobe.  Plus it's a 'medium.'

I roped my office mate into snapping this photo of me... She probably thinks I'm crazy.

Not sure if I like the tucked in look with this blouse, but I am loving my new belt!  How about you guys?  Have you noticed any big changes in the way you dress since you've started getting healthier and losing weight?

On that note, I'm outta here!  A friend's co-worker is giving Jon and I two tickets to the Bengals v. Panthers preseason NFL game!  War Cam Newton!!!  If I'm lucky, maybe he'll sign my shirt!!!  

(Also, isn't this background amazing?  Our friend John sent it to us)