Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GREAT run (and photos for Christina)

I know I have been limiting myself to my weekly re-cap to try and stay on track, but I just wanted to stop by and say that this morning's run was AWESOME and here's why:

  1. Got PLENTY of sleep so I was pretty awake and ready to go at 5:30am when my alarm went off
  2. Sahara also got a lot (i.e. the same amount) of sleep and looked so eager to go that I decided to make this a puppy run at the last minute
  3. My knees felt great the whole time
  4. It was MUCH cooler than Sunday (since it was dark at 6am vs. sunny at noon)
  5. I didn't walk AT ALL (and only stopped once to cross at a light)
  6. I kept a 13:05 pace, which is at the fast side of my suggested LSD pace
  7. I felt so good that I even decided to go a bit longer (extra .5)—could have done more, but, alas, had to get ready for work
  8. I've just felt GOOD after and it's helping me stay on track for the day
  9. The extra calories burned help make up for my several bites of queso dip last night
  10. This is the first run I've had so far in training that I've actually really ENJOYED.  I've missed this feeling.
  11. (Was hoping to make this a top 10 list, but alas) Tried out the Pandora app for the first time and got to change it up and listen to some new music.  Katy Perry station?  Yes, please.
So, awesome!  I feel like I deserved this run after how hard and mentally painful Sunday's run was.  Maybe this run was made possible by how hard I pushed Sunday?  As Jon said, "Now the pain means something to you and next time you might 'enjoy' the pain."  Not sure if I'd go QUITE that far, but who knows!  We have some hill repeats scheduled for Saturday night (hot date), so we'll see.

Oh, and Christina wanted photos in running gear, so here's me before/after this morning.  Sorry they aren't great!  I'll try and snap some of me and Jon in our gear this weekend!

Sorry for the doofy faces... It was hard trying to get photos of myself where I didn't look like a total idiot.  These are the best ones.  Interpret that as you like.

Now I'm really looking forward to Thursday's run: 5 miles w/2 at tempo!  I think I'll try the same strategy and get lots of sleep and get up early and run.  :)