Sunday, August 14, 2011

Columbus Half Training: Week 1

Instead of boring you guys by posting about each run, I figured it'd be more interesting (and manageable) to just sum up each week's runs in one post.  This week's half training schedule consisted of three 3-mile EZ runs and one 5-mile long distance run on Sunday for a total mileage of 14 miles for the week.  I was really intimidated this week because it'd been over a month since I'd run at all and well over a month since I'd had a full week of regular run.

Tuesday (3 miles): Before this run Mon night, I really didn't eat and fuel my body well (donuts? Margarita? Great life choices) and this run let me know it.  I also chose a new place to run: a newish 5 mile trail near my house that is all rolling hills.  That really showed me how much I need to find hilly places to run while I train this time.  Avignon was flat and Athens is too (hello, running by rivers) and, as a result, I'm not good at motivating myself through hills.  Will try to regularly run there in the next 5 weeks.  All in all, I did a decent amount of walking for a total of 3 miles at a 12:24 average pace.  I'm glad I dragged myself out there (wore my running clothes to my eye doctor appointment) and now I know what I need to beat next time.  This half training is going to be hard and not pretty, but I want this.

Thursday (3 miles):  Fueled and hydrated better for this run after seeing how hard Tuesday's run was.  AND since I knew I wouldn't be motivated to run, I made sure that I changed into my running clothes early and wore them to go pick up Jon's and my NEW TABLE for our apartment.  The run was pretty good--it got dark on my run, but I felt pretty safe since I brought my vicious beast along with me.  Walked a few times, but still averaged around 12:30 for the run.  All in all, was just pleased to get out there and power through another run as I get back into the swing of things.

Our super awesome new table (and 2/4 chairs) in its former home.  
Can't wait to get it settled in the new apartment in under a month!

The vicious beast.  Clearly.

Saturday (3 miles):  Jon came into town so we decided to run together since we a) don't get to spend much time together and b) it was an 'EZ' run so my much slower pace wasn't a problem.  Because Jon isn't a fan of run/walk intervals, he helped push me to run longer and not stop, which really helped.  I know I've mentioned being thankful for him before, but just to reiterate: I'm so thankful I have him to help me with training.  Not only is it awesome to share in this with him and be able to motivate each other, but I alway really appreciate when he runs with me (and never is anything but supportive of my slower pace) because I know his EZ pace is minutes faster.  He's a keeper.  Plus, this run ended up being hillier than I am used to... with almost the whole back leg of the run being uphill... Whew!  That was hard, but I'm SO happy I managed to only walk 2x briefly to get my heart rate back down under 190BPM and stop panting.  Improvement! See?  Check out this elevation chart:  

Sunday LSD (5 miles): We set out together today for a later morning run and were pleasantly surprised to see that it was still mild and not too sunny outside.  We ran all the way from my house to the head of the new trail before turning around... Looks like I have a good idea for future long distance runs!  This run was the longest I've done in awhile and it was pretty hard (hence the pace of 13:48), but I'm pleased to say that aside from crossing the street, that I only stopped to walk 3 times.  Getting better already!  Felt great all day after this run.  Feels great to get back into the swing of things.

I know it's not a HUGE elevation change, but it was a definite change for me and my flat-elevation France tendencies! 

Overall commentary:  My knees have been hurting a bit on these runs so far.  Not consistently, but still, any knee pain is unwelcome.  I thought it might be my new (well new to me using them) running shoes and the 'breaking them in' period, but I wore my old favorites and had the same feeling... I've found the sheet with all the exercises Chris gave me last year and will start doing them this week... Hope it helps!

Here's to week 2: 3/4/3/5 mile runs, so a 1-mile increase in distance.  :)  

Total mileage: 14 miles