Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fight that just won't end

Ulgh.  So frustrated.  It looks like my battle to end my cell phone in France is going to keep waging on for the foreseeable future.  I have confirmation that they received my letter with all my new proof (enrollment letters, employment letter, proof of housing with my mother, a copy of my birth certificate showing she's my mother, proof that we live where we do via water/electric bills)... and yet, I opened up my French account to see that on August 8th, they took out 200€ from my bank account... So, now it's going to become a fight to get my money (288 USD) back.  Joy.  I really just want to put the last school year behind me and move on... and I can't.

I'm so exhausted from this whole ordeal that part of me wants to throw my hands up in the air and give up since I'm not confident that I'll ever be able to win... and then I remember that $288 is almost Jon's and my food budget for a month and I won't get my first stipend check until the end of October.  ::steps back into the ring::

Wish me luck?

On a more positive note, Jon did surprise me with a certificate for a massage up in Columbus for anytime between now and Feb 12, 2012.  What an unexpected and thoughtful surprise.