Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I fell off the earth when crossing the Atlantic

Wow.  First post back in America... Three weeks after I get back.  I feel like my head is still spinning and I'm trying just to get back to normal and really believe I get to stay here at home!  I really do need to recap a lot and there are things I've been wanting to talk about, but here are the top ten things I've been up to lately:

1. I'm still fighting with my French phone company to not make me pay a penalty for ending my contract (my friend with the SAME CONTRACT and the SAME LETTER got off scott free... I don't get it).
2. I joined WW again and am so far down -1.4lbs and weighed in at 166.something.  Feeling REALLY good!
3. I've been spending tons of time with my favorite girl:

I even got her daddy to let me take her to Cincinnati for two weeks.  
He loves me (and it may or may not have worked out better for our weekend schedules).  
I'm not complaining.

4. I went back to work at the best internship ever and in the same desk I was last September... I think our office should be getting our yellow accent wall as we speak!  Fingers crossed!
5. My manic month of weddings begins this weekend.  I actually had to get my sister's bridesmaids dress altered--the 10 was too big!
6. (I don't know how I possibly waited to #6 for this) I've been spending as much time as humanly possible with ze man.  After an epic weekend of home renovation-y fun last weekend, we're almost ready to put our place on the market so we can move into our new apartment Sept. 10th!  Fingers crossed (again) that it goes quickly. :)
7. Went down to AUBURN for the Fourth and it was AU-some.  It was fantastic seeing everyone after so long.  Oh, and drinking chocolate wine.  Yum.
8. Read Racing in the Rain and The Help.  I love taking the bus to work since it gives me pleasure reading time!
9. Sorting all my belongings that've been stored in my mom's garage so I can start getting ready for the Big Move... Lots of things have to go!  2 people + 1 bedroom apartment + 1 closet = Not a ton of space.
10. Eating and drinking American things: hotdogs (O'Betty's... yum), Yuengling (it's coming to Ohio too!), smoked ribs, black beans, margaritas, and Fiber One bars... YUM.

Sorry I've been so absent--I hope you're all doing well and I'm going to try and be back into blogging too!  Hope you're still reading! :)