Monday, August 23, 2010

WW Weigh-in and back to work

Finally, after a little over a month, I was able to go to a WW meeting and hit up a weigh in. Here are the official stats:

Weekly weigh-in: 173.2
Loss: -.8
Total loss: 20.6
Emotion: Ready to kick butt!
LBS to go to 164 mini-goal: 9.2

It was up a few from Sunday morning, but that's what you get when you weigh in pre-food first thing in the morning and then after work. Still, I'm down from the end of Alabama, so I'm counting that as a win. Plus, I'm at 24.5pts for today (out of my allotted 24 daily points +.5 from weekly), so I'm feeling pretty good. I really just need to focus on storing up points for this weekend's trip to Chicago to get my French visa! I can do this!

It felt so good to get back to the meeting and into the groove. Now I just need to recapture the zeal I had last summer. Hopefully, being back at LPK for this month will help. Plus, I'm going to try and start weight training (as per Christina's reco), so I just need to figure out a place to do that and we'll see what happens!

Happy Monday, all! :)