Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini-Goal Self Challenge: Day 2

Quick post since I'm WIPED out, but I'm determined to keep myself accountable for this mini-goal challenge I've set for myself.

I planned out my whole day of points before breakfast and clocked in at 24.5, including a dinner time stop at my favorite: Chipotle. I was feeling really great about this until I realized en route to work that today was a fun morning at work where they were giving the entire company muffins and smoothies! I should've just stayed at my desk, but I went over with my girls and grabbed a bran/apple muffin (and turned down the smoothie) for an estimated 7pts.

I tried not to beat myself up over it and was planning on cutting back on lunch to attempt to make up for it... but the hunger and the knowledge that I had a run tonight had me eat what I'd brought anyway, so I'm ending the day with 31pts and 8APs from tonight's run:

Tonight was the first official night of my half marathon training and it called for a 2mi warm up, 5-7 aerobic intervals with recovery jogs and a 2mi cool down. At the beginning, this run felt AMAZING. In fact, so amazing that I ran my first mile in 10:24, a pace that I haven't hit in eons! I thought I was going to be able to keep that up, but clearly I was too ambitious as after that first mile, the rest of the run was really downhill (and I don't mean in the running down hills sort of way). My feet started hurting, and my right one even kept feeling like it was asleep. I ended up walking a bit between intervals and then after my first mile or so into the last 2 miles, I couldn't deal with the foot thing anymore, so I walked mile 5 all the way home.

Not my best run by any means, but it happens to everybody, so I'll just get back out there tomorrow (or Thursday, depending on the training schedule) and keep on trucking. Same with the food--not the best, but DEFINITELY not my worst "splurge" ever and I made up for it with my APs tonight. This goal is so happening!

On that front, one of my co-workers gave me a "miracle" cleanse diet thing that you do for a week and are supposed to drop at least 5lbs... I'm debating trying it just to kick start this whole process, but I'm torn. I've lost the first 20-25 just cutting back and moving more, so I almost feel like doing something like that would totally be cheating all my hard work and sounds a bit unhealthy... So, I ask you, my dear bloggie friends, what do you think? Have any of you ever tried one of these cleanse-y vegetable soup things?

Oh, and last thing... The YMCA lady hasn't called me back about the 1-month membership thing... I've done it 3 times before and this time when I called the girl at the desk told me I'd have to pay a $150 joining fee... to join for one month. Needless to say, that won't be happening. Hopefully if the lady calls me back we can work something out. If not, maybe I'll just buy the 30-day shred of something to do as Xtraining. What do you think?

PS- Tricia @ Endurance isn't Only Physical is doing a Surgoi give-away with running gear! Definitely entered and have already fallen in love with a pair of long running tights... Not gonna lie, these might have to be a pre-France wintery running gift to myself...


Lisa said...

Personally, I stay away from 'cleanses.' I've heard too many discouraging things from doctors and health professionals. It may 'kick-start' a weight loss, but it doesn't provide the nutrients we need for healthy weight loss. Definitely stick with what you're doing. WW and being active is the healthy way to go. Keep setting goals and checking them off as you go! You can reach them!
And I've definitely had hard runs too. But, if you feel that same feeling in your foot on another run, you may want to see your doctor (unless you think your shoe may be too tight, you may be wearing the wrong size. It's amazing how much a shoe can affect a run!).

sUdH said...

I have done the master cleanse it is intense. Although I should say cleanses are better for helping with health issues not really weight loss. We have a lot of rotting meat in our intestines and just general junk that needs to come out. If you do do a cleanse I recommend the Dr Natura cleanse, which doesn't require fasting. It works great and I felt better after. We eat a lot of crap that builds up on our intestinal walls, if you do a fiber based cleanse using psyillium husks it expands in your intestines, captures the stuff stuck to the lining of the intestines and flushes it out.

I did the master cleanse for 8 days. It is lemonade sweetened with maple syrup, after the first day it wasn't that hard. You actually aren't starving because you are getting 1200 calories in maple syrup which is rich in minerals and vitamins. I did it because I thought I had an ulcer and I read that it helps by giving your stomach time to heal. In the end I was actually just pregnant!

Christina said...

Great job on the 10:24 mile! I'm proud of you for finishing your five miles even though your foot fell asleep and you had to walk.

Personally, I dislike the idea of the cleanse.

Meeting up again last night was fun!