Friday, September 24, 2010

Belated Weigh-In Post and Book Review!

So I didn't manage to post on weigh-in day. But, it's okay. I'm feeling good.


Weekly weigh-in: 171.6
Loss: +.6
Total loss: 22
Emotion: Surprised
LBS to go to 164 mini-goal: 7.6

So, I'm not pleased. I got off the steroids, you know, what I blamed last week's gain on... and I still gained. Not a huge gain, but still. That said, I lopped another point on my DP to see if that helps. New target: 22 DP/day. So far, I'm doing decently this week.

I've pre-planned my food for the weekend to include the splurges: drinking and dancing tonight, wings and beer watching the game tomorrow, and a date-night with Jon on Sunday cooking dinner at home. With all that counted, I'm still within my points for the week! :)

How is this possible, you might ask, since I've only been able to drag myself out of bed once this week to run? Well, I made a pot of my favorite ZERO Points Vegetable Soup on Sunday and I've been eating it for at least one meal a day all week. (That's not a picture of my soup... but it looks similar). It's zero points for 1 cup and 1.5 pts for 2, and it's really filling and has allowed me to conserve most of my DPs for all the dining out I've been doing this week. Woo!

I'd post the recipe, but honestly, I just throw whatever zero-point veggies I have at the house (or frozen) in with a can of stewed tomatoes, some onion and garlic, and some broth and just wing it. I'm a big fan of throwing a bunch of red pepper flakes in as well, since I like it with some kick! :)

Other than that, I've really been trying to get my water in this week. I found an old Nalgene I got at a youth retreat back in high school and I've been carrying around everywhere all week!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this weekend. It's my last one in the US for a while so we're really going to make the most of it. Also, Jon and I are hoping to work in an 8-mile run Sunday morning--it'll be the longest I've done in a LONG time! I'll post pictures Monday! :)

Question: Do any of you have any tried-and-true food secrets you use to help you stay on track or lose weight (like my veggie soup)? I don't know how I'd survive without it! I make a pot every time I need to get back on track!

Have a great weekend!!!


Katie said...

I love that soup! So, so, so good (and never the same twice)!

Anonymous said...

I will keep looking for recipes for you- I like to have cottage cheese and applesauce for a treat when I am hungary and don't know what I want - filling and low in points.
Your doing so well- I am proud of you.

Lynz said...

I make a chili that has lots of peppers, onions, beans, and tomatoes in it. I use some ground turkey meat to keep it lean. Not sure if it is 0 points (not a WW person..sorry).. However it is fairly nutritious. I tend to double up on the veggies in there and don't put as much meat.

Keep up with the running.. you are doing great!