Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I'm Loving Today...

Inspired by Mama Laughlin's post from today, today's post will be based on today's loves du jour, if you will:

Thing 1: The Dress I'm Wearing

You'll notice that this is not a photo of me. Not going to lie, I'm pretty sure my hair looks more normal than that. Regardless, this dress was a fabulous Zara find in Paris and I must say, I'm feeling pretty adorable in it today with fun earrings, my jean jacket, and red flats. I can't wait to take it into fall with boots! :)

Thing 2: The Fuel Belt

Christina had one of these this morning while we were running and I have gear envy in a big way. Let's just say, I might be ordering one of these for myself in the near future.

Thing 3: Delicious Yagööt

So, Yagööt is essentially PinkBerry only Cincinnati style. I'm officially in love and have been for awhile. I mean, what's not to love about a small froyo that's only 2 POINTS that you can then have covered in fresh fruit? YUM.

Thing 4: This Morning's Run

Christina and I met up this morning and went for a really enjoyable long run (in my book)/easy run (in her training) around our neighborhood. It's been really hard being back from Paris, since my stamina was apparently really set back by all that stopping at lights and waiting business, so it was really great to get in this run, which is the longest I've had since getting back from France.

and finally...

Thing 5: Today's Weigh-In :)

After a week of tracking points, but not doing a lot of running while kind of feeding (in moderation) my sweet tooth, I'm pleased to announce that I was down to 170.8 with a 2.8lb loss! I'm feeling pretty good since that puts me almost back to a pre-Summer vacation weight. Woo! On track for the mini-goal with 7.8lbs to go!

What do you love today? :)

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Lynz said...

Wow!! I am finally caught up on your blog. You have done lots of traveling since I last checked in, though you still seem to be making progress. Keep up the running.. you are doing great!!