Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A War Eagle Weekend and a Wednesday Weigh-In

Enough W's in that title for ya? Jonboy and I spent our Labor Day down South visiting friends, working on the house, and most importantly attending the first Auburn Tiger football game of the season. This football game also happened to be my very first AU football game, so Jon was super excited. He even taught me a few cheers on our plane ride from Columbus to Atlanta. It was also my first time tailgating at a real football school. I love OU, but we aren't exactly known for our football team! Here are a few snapshots from our tailgating and football fun!

Ashley, John, and Jon hand-pattied all the burgers for our tailgate... Go big or go home. Angus. DELICIOUS.

Our lovely tailgating spot off Mag

Sitting in the Student Section before the game!

Introducing the band

FINALLY! The sun is setting!

Jon was also a big fan of my new Auburn necklace

Victory cigars for the men

My first time rolling Toomer's... I got to throw a roll... And missed. I was too far away. Next time: Get closer to the tree... Or develop better arm muscles.

Now we're back home, and today was the day to face the music and see how much I'd gained over the weekend... I didn't have time to run while we were there and, although I watched what I ate, I still had at least 3 burgers (though I did use arnold's for buns!) in 4 days and one of them was from Niffer's... Soooo, I wasn't too optimistic, BUT here are today's numbers!

Weekly weigh-in: 168.6
Loss: -2.4
Total loss: 25
Emotion: Surprised
LBS to go to 164 mini-goal: 4.6

WOO! I'm feeling really good. This is getting roughly 2 pounds from my lowest recorded weight since starting WW (166.8) and I was this exact weight back in April. I bought Jillian Michael's 30-day shred and yoga DVDs today at Target to try out, so hopefully they'll help me get past the 166.8 into NEW, uncharted territory! WOO! Happy Wednesday and War Eagle!


Corletta said...

You are PRECIOUS!! Though I may have asked all tall are you? By the way...I love college football. After visiting some friends that lived in Auburn, I thought, "That would be a fun place to live during football season!"

Christina said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Cute pictures. :)

Those pounds are just falling off you! I have a feeling you will meet your mini-goal. Great job

Shred tip: WEAR SHOES. Let me repeat that: WEAR SHOES. I did it shoeless, and it contributed a lot to my foot problems. WEAR SHOES. :)

Nicky said...

@Corletta: Aw thanks :) I'm actually 5'4", not too tall. College football is REALLY growing on me. I'd love to live in Auburn someday and not just for football, but you're right, it is pretty intense on game day!

@Christina: Thanks for the tip! I DEF will wear shoes!

fittingbackin said...

Yay War Eagle - LOVE LOVE the pics and that necklace is TOO cute!

Lynz said...

I second the notion to wear shoes on the 30 day shred... I really think Jillian should have said that upfront.. HA...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!! Enjoy the 30 day shred workout ;-)