Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hocking Hills Indian Run 10k

Sorry it's taken me so long to update, things have been pretty hectic over here Chez Nicky since I'm leaving to go to France in ONE week!!! (Insert panicked scream here). I haven't even started packing and I still have so much to gather, copy, do etc that it's mind blowing. That said, this past weekend was a HUGE success.

Saturday, Jon and I did our first ever trail run race in the Hocking Hills. It was ALSO the longest race I've ever run, clocking in at 10k. I finished 197/242 with a time of 1:18:09 (12:37/mi pace) and 8/12 in my age group. Jon finished 68th overall with a time of 58:31/9:27 pace.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my results. I walked up the 3 steep, root-covered hills and enjoyed the rest of my run. I didn't feel like I was pushing TOO hard (I was afraid of pushing too hard and getting tired), so I'm pleased that I maintained my normal, slow road pace while running through the woods. My ideal goal, knowing it was in the woods was under 1:15:00 and my "acceptable" goal was under 1:30:00, so I think I did pretty well. It was MUCH faster than last week's trail run around Dow Lake—that one really had me worried. All in all, I really just wanted to enjoy running through the Hocking Hills. I've wanted to come to this park for years and have never made it, so I really enjoyed seeing how beautiful it is. Jon and I will have to come back.

Anyway here are a few photos of all of us at the race. I'm sure you can tell the difference from "Before" and "After"!

Here's also the Garmin breakdown for the run. He did pretty well considering the fact that it was a forest, but in the end he was off by .2miles!

After the race, we made our way back to Cincinnati... and my car broke down on the way home! Oh no! Thankfully, Jon was driving ahead of me, so we just had to wait for AAA to tow Nigel to the mechanic, then we were home free! Here are a few photos of my mom's Lobster Bake birthday dinner and Jon and I celebrating the Auburn "victory" over Clemson at B-Dubs!

All in all, it was a great weekend! Extra bonus: Jon and I went to the Gap outlet on Sunday to get me some new jeans for France. Not only did Jon get a whole new wardrobe (that I LOVE), but I got everything I got in a size 10! My favorite: a black Banana Republic dress that it all tailored and fits beautifully... Even better... I got it for $10! Great day for shopping!

On that note, check back later for a second post... I'm off to today's weigh in!

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Lynz said...

Congrats on getting down to a size 10... Just a bit more and you will be in the single digits. That was a fantastic feeling for me, as I could not recall the last time I was below a 10. Keep up the good work and have fun in France ;-)