Sunday, January 9, 2011

All the Pretty Horses!

Saturday was again a mild (if not a bit overcast) day. My friend Rosie has only recently purchased herself a bike (or "vélo" in French) and is very keen on biking excursions. That said, Kyle new a good spot for a little picnic and we set out this afternoon for a bit of easy activity. Avignon is almost entirely flat, so biking or running isn't usually difficult elevation wise. I did finally find a good hill for training, but it's taken me a while.

Anyway, we set out with our little dessert picnic and headed for a "surprise" since Kyle was leading the way. In the end, this led us to the Tour d'Espagne (The Tower of Spain), which happens to be fenced in on someone else's property. In order to view this tower and enjoy our picnic, we set up camp in a farmer's yard... He drove by twice and seemed to be amused more than anything.

Having smelled our food, we even got visited by a herd of white horses. The Camargue, which is near Avignon, is known for their white horses.

In the end, I think the horses were by far the highlight of this trip. Sorry, tower.