Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mantras and Miles

I don't know about you all, but I am a big fan of the Runner's World email I get pretty much every day. I don't read it every single day or every single article, but there are frequently some pretty good ones. Today's article "The Magic of Mantras" was particularly good for me right now.

I don't know why I didn't already think of creating a running mantra for myself (or several) seeing as I have many that I've been using lately in normal life—favorites include: 'Fake it 'til you make it,' 'Keep on keepin' on,' and 'You will get through this.' So far, they've been doing very well for me. As such, prior to today's anticipated 5-miler (Helen's and my longest run together to date), I used Runner's World's list in the article and settled on: "Run strong. Be bold."

Sidenote: Why do mantras always sound kind of hokey except for when they're in use and need them?

But I digress. As we set off for our windy run, I felt pretty good about my choice and Helen and I settled into a nice, slow pace to make sure her ankle stayed in the game. I must say, lining up "Run strong, be bold" with my footfalls for the last two miles did make a difference and we ended our run with roughly a 12 min/mi pace, despite the Mistrally wind we encountered throughout the run.

I'm really excited about having a 12 min/mi pace as our "slow/LDR" pace because even at that pace, we won't get picked up and kicked out of the half marathon in April! :) Theoretically, we get paid tomorrow, so Helen and I will finally be able to register for the half so that'll be taken care of.

As for tracking today, I did good on points and clocked in at 33P+ for the day, including some red wine. Only in France does one find a not-horrible 1,75€ bottle of Bordeaux. Just saying.

Tomorrow, my goal is to get out those resistance bands and do one of the P90X DVDs as well as squeeze in another run in the morning (if possible).

Question: Do you guys use mantras when you run? What keeps you pushing yourself to the limit and makes you keep going when you're out there on your long, tough runs? I know we all love running, but sometimes it's just not fun. It's hard work!


Corletta said...

You're right; sometimes it's not fun. Most of the time, it's just plain hard. To be honest, people watching and good musc kept me going. It was also helpful for me to picture myself at my goal because of my hard work. Whatever works...right?!?!?!

Syl said...

I love running mantra's. Especially when they are written on signs or sidewalks with chalk while you are running a race. So great to see and read while you are pushing hard.
I have a few of my own that keep me going ;-)