Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Working on formulating my resolutions for 2011--I'll get those to you all soon. I'd better be good because I'm only taking these new Size 8 jeans back to France with me, so no weight gain is allowed!!!

On that note, I have to go finish these suitcases because I have a flight at 1pm to start the journey back to France!

À bientôt! :)


Anonymous said...

We all have to make resolutions for the new year- becoming a better version of myself is my goal for this year. Along with a visit to Avignon for a girls adventure. Help my girls resettle into new homes in new places- following the road the lord has laid out for them.
You are a very special person in my life- be happy and stay just as you are. Healthy, happy and setting out on an amazing life.

Christina said...

It was nice to see you, too! I'm glad you stopped. :) It looks like your trip back to France was uneventful.

A race over the summer sounds great! You get home in July?

Mile repeats... Warm up for two or three miles, and then run a really fast mile. We're not talking comfortably difficult like tempo pace - PUSH like you're in a race. Cool down for a few minutes, and then do another mile. Two is a good start.

That's awesome you're making a training schedule! Remind me when your race is. I'm super pumped for you!!

Anon is your mom, right? That's awesome she's going to visit you!