Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh-in and whatnot

Alright well last night's run wasn't stellar (due to time constraints). I took a 45 minute Pilates class and then went up on the track to run, but I only had a half hour instead of the 36 minutes that the full run requires. I only made it through everything but the last 3 minutes of the final 5m run, in order to have a brief cool down before leaving for my WW meeting. That being said, I think it's going to be more difficult for sure, but definitely do-able. I've found that I run at a markedly slower pace (at least it feels like it) than my 6.0 pace on the treadmill, but it's something I can maintain for the full run time without changing, so I think that's better in the long run.

As for the WW mtg, I was pleasantly surprised:

Weekly weigh-in: 171.0
Loss: +.2
Total loss: 22.6
Emotion: Optimistic

I didn't have a great weekend food-wise, so I was relieved to only be up +.2 this week. I caved in to a craving of chicken tenders and fries Saturday night after dancing with friends, but stayed within my weekly/activity point allowances for the week. Though, I still feel like I've done crummy when I go over like that since I then know why I'll have gained if I do. Oh well, it happens.

Today, I'm hoping to make it to Spinning (barring heavy snow since today I have the car whose windshield wipers are broken). My knee kind of hurts from yesterday's run, so I probably won't re-attempt it again until tomorrow so as to not overdo it. Also, since I'm going to be home all day, I think I'll look into how to make a crock-pot beef stew... Seems like a good day for it!

Well, sorry for the short post, but homework calls. More later!


FogDog said...

Looks like you are just getting started. Welcome to the community and good luck losing the weight.

Tricia said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Dave said...

I need an update here!! On gaining 0.2 pounds, don't sweat it. A lady might not admit it, but I will: twenty seconds more throne time would have shown one *losing* 0.2 pounds! :)

You seem like a really good person - and you are so smart to fight this battle while you are young and haven't suffered long-term consequences.

Keep fighting the good fight!