Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Apéro" fail.

So, I admit: It's already Sunday and I've failed on one of my three weekly goals. I had set myself up for dinner with the girls last night out at a restaurant. I'd decided I was only going to get a plat (main dish) and a dessert. I was so ready mentally for that and felt so good going into the evening.

Fast forward to arriving at the train station and meeting Christèle:
"So, what are we doing tonight?"
"Oh, just a heavy apéro (i.e. appetizer buffet) at the apartment with everyone."

Oh dear, I don't know about you guys, but appetizer buffet party things like this are the worst for me. Instead of ordering smart and really controlling what I eat, I always end up eating too much and grazing the whole night. Pringles. Pizza. Dried sausage. M&Ms. If I had know, I would have brought a veggie tray.

That said, I ended the day with 2,400 calories (cough, cough, two days worth) and feeling pretty disappointed in myself. I was so mentally prepared for one outing that when I got confronted with an unexpected change and a calorie-trap that I hadn't devised a plan for, I really messed up. I look around at these kind of events and everyone else seems to be able to have one small bite of pizza then be done... Why am I always compelled to overeat? Ulgh.

Anyway, nothing left to do but carry on! At least I 'fessed up and tracked it. Now I'm home and have cleaned the apartment and put a load of laundry in... All that remains is keeping up with Goal #1: Sunday's Run! Off I go... Gotta work off those peanut M&M's!

Does this kind of thing ever happen to you guys? What do you do?


Syl said...

I always try to eat something before I do one of these parties, that way I am not completly starved and can still enjoy. I then take only what I really want and don't have on a regular basis. I find this works. But sometimes I too over eat and just move on the next day ;-).

I got my head band from, they have so many different kinds and reasonably priced - check them out ;-)

Christina said...

Have you thought about having one higher-calorie day each week?

This is tough! Is there any way you could have brought healthy stuff for yourself or to share? I would have just enjoyed a little bit of two or three things and then started over in the morning. Definitely try to limit the variety that ends up on your plate. This one day shouldn't affect your weigh-in too much.

I saw on Facebook you got out there and run. NICE JOB!!! How did it feel?