Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mid-Week Update

Whew! What a big week here in Nicky-land!

In my personal life, Sunday–Tuesday were really intense. Learned some new information and made some important life decisions:
  1. J and I are 100% officially back together again and he's purchased a plane ticket to come to France and see me in April (3 weeks from today!!! Eep!!). I really couldn't be happier about this, even if it has been a hard road getting back to this point.
  2. After MONTHS of deliberation, mixed responses, and lots of debate and list-making, I've finally settled on a grad school for starting my M.A. in French this fall. I've chosen (drum roll, please...) THE Ohio State University in my lovely homestate.
  3. My little sister got engaged! To be fair, this didn't happen between Sunday-Tuesday, but there has been a lot of wedding planning progress this week, namely date and venue choosing! Since her fiancé will only have a month of leave once he gets back from Iraq, they're going to get married on July 9th... A little more than three months away! I'm going to try and come home from France early to make sure my dress fits and everything. Whew!
On the weight loss side of things, Sunday-Tuesday wasn't my best work, Monday especially. Monday definitely called for large portions of happiness wine. In case you were ever wondering, an entire bottle of white wine is 603 calories. I took the fact that I felt completely fine on Tuesday as a sign that I needed Monday night to get over some things and have felt SO much better about everything since.

I haven't done any P90X yet this week, but I HAVE had two very successful runs today and Sunday:
Sunday's long run! Discovered a new place to run... Will take my camera this weekend and document! In the meantime, here's a screengrab to give you an idea:

Cute path next to a mini-river? Yes please.

Today's 3-miler. Aimed for an 11:30 pace. Stopped to breathe a few times, but feel really good about this overall.

I plan on getting in a 4-miler on Friday, bringing my weekly mileage to 12 miles... Not too shabby considering it'll be the first time I've run 3x in a week in a really long time.

Lastly, Spring is here in Avignon and it's getting really warm. As such, I decided to pop into H&M today since a Spring jacket I'd been eye-ing was 50% off and ended up with the jacket AND a cute, navy skirt... perfect for spring AND Auburn football:

I love that there's a little drawstring inside that ties and gives you a nice outline :)

As Amy put it, 'Nicky, this skirt is just so... you.'

Obligatory elevator photo. First thing I'm buying for my new apartment (well, as a luxury item) is going to be a nice full-length mirror. Had a really awkward moment right after snapping this photo when the doors opened and a random guy got into the elevator with me... Caught in the act!

Crazy thing is... The jackets a European 36 (US 6) and the skirt is a Small! I liked the skirt up around my waist and the medium was just too loose up there. Crazy! That said, sizes over here are really weird. I wear relatively tiny sizes in shirts and dresses and can't find pants here to save my life. Do French women just not have derrières? Oh well. Even after two weeks, I already am noticing a little difference in my stomach. Loooove it!

Anyway, that's the mid-week update! Despite a few alcoholic set-backs, I feel like I'm in a REALLY good place right now. :)


fittingbackin said...

The skirt is fabulous and PERFECT for AU football! On another note - 3 weeks - how exciting! and many congrats to your sister and to you for the school update!!!

Sarah Kopf said...

I am new to your blog, but your running sounds FABULOUS! I can't wait for the day I can complete a 3 mile run---and live to tell about it. lol :)

Congrats on the school! It's NCAA time here; go Ohio!