Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rainy Weekend.

Today marks one full week of tracking, a pretty decent accomplishment since I hadn't done 3 days together since January. Really, I guess it's more 3 days then 3 days of tracking, since I didn't track going out to dinner Thursday night, though I made smart choices, didn't clean the plate, and split the dessert (pineapple slices cooked in rum with greek yogurt) with my friend.

On the activity front, aside from biking a bit to and from places, I haven't done any outdoor activity (i.e. running) this week. I did P90X 3x and was so sore after doing Ab Ripper X the first night that I took a few recovery days. It literally hurt to roll over in bed. Ouch. Today I tackled yoga for the first time in a few months and almost made it to the end of the vinyasa section (1/2 way through the program) before my form was getting so bad I decided to call it a day. Baby steps.

As far as France and the rest of my life are concerned, I'm doing okay. I have a lot of really big decisions about school and relationships coming up, and it's really weighing on me heavily. I know I'm at a time in my life where I'm supposed to be selfish about my career and location choices, but it's so hard sometimes and I'm really struggling with that. We'll see what happens. It's so hard to reach a place where you truly love somebody, but you aren't convinced that your lives can really mesh or that you can give them what they want/need. It's really hard because I feel like we're going to lose either way. I feel that way about my school choices too, so I'm definitely in a rough mental patch. Boo. At least the spring sunshine made an appearance in Avignon this week. Too bad it looks like rain for all of the week to come...

Anyway, how are all of you doing? I need to get back in and catch up with everyone's blogs!

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Christina said...

Hey, stranger!!! I'm working on getting back on track, too. This journey is so hard sometimes! I can't wait to hear more about the school and relationship stuff. You're talking about John, I suppose. Did he just want to break up with you while you're away so he could sleep with other people? Didn't you say he had a rebound girl that you knew about right after he broke up with you? Just be careful. I'm sure he's full of excuses. He hurt you badly once, and chances are he'll do it again. So, there's some unwanted, uninformed advice for you. :)