Monday, April 4, 2011

Belated Weigh-In Post

Hi all--I'm just now coming back to the land of the living after a lovely 48 hour bout with food poisoning. Yes, I should've known better than to eat yogurt that "expired" a few days before, but it smelled okay... (famous last words).

Anyway, aside from being down for the count all weekend (and calling in sick to work today), I'm finally feeling well enough again to post Saturday's weigh-in results:

Starting weight: 193.8
Last week: 70.5kg (155.4 lbs)
Today: 70.5kg (155.4 lbs)

I'm going to be completely honest and say that last week was not my best work. I only got in 2 P90X ab workouts and 2 runs.

This week, my goals for the rest of the week are:
1. Get in 2 runs (one on Tues or Weds and one on Friday)
2. Do 1 full-length P90X workout either Tuesday or Wednesday
3. Clean/organize my apartment
4. Get no more than 7.5-8hrs of sleep a night. No naps. I think this'll help my general feelings of laziness/difficulty motivating myself to get out and do things.

I feel like I've been sliding through time here for the past week or so and I'm not sure why. I have the same lack of drive to get up and leave my apartment that I did back in January, though I'm so much happier than I was back then. I don't really get it. Really need to get out of this funk. Thankfully though, Jon will be here in 9 days so that'll DEFINITELY get me out and about here. I can't wait to show him Provence!

Also, in other news, I bumped up my flight home from July 1st to June 22nd so now I'll have a lot more time to get ready for my sister's wedding (and hopefully squeeze in a trip to Auburn!). So excited! :)