Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In and #7daychip?

Starting last week, I set myself some REALLY high goals to get my first #7daychip:

1. Run 4x: Saturday with Jeanna, Monday after work, Wednesday before meeting Jon, and Friday WITH Jon to show him Ile-de-la-Barthelasse. I plan on making Monday a speed workout, the others TBD.
Didn't make this goal, but I still feel really good. Ran Sat. with Jeanna, and my left knee hurt after doing Goal #2's yoga on Sunday so I didn't get in Monday night's speed workout and wasn't able to make it up later. If you've been around the blog long enough, you know I went to PT for my knee last year when I started running, so if my knee is bothering me, no running here, esp so far from Chris!

2. Do P90X Yoga and Ab Ripper X at least one time each (planned for Sunday and then Thursday night)
Done! Actually did the yoga out on my porch (away from prying eyes) Sunday night and REALLY enjoyed it. Light breeze, nice temperature, and (not gonna lie) got to check my form in the sliding glass doors... Actually looks a lot better than I thought. I always have this mental image of me doing yoga that's akin to a cow doing ballet, but from Sunday's workout, I don't look that bad!

3. Stay under 1,400 calories for at least 4 days, with 2 days in the 1,200's.
With 4 days down, I have 2 in the under 1,400 calorie range, with one being in the 1,200's. My official calorie goal on CC is 1,232 cal/day, but that's really hard for me to hit. That said, I feel REALLY good about how I ate this week, so even if I didn't hit the 1,200 calories, I'm going to count my tracking and my intake as a BIG accomplishment this week.

4. Keep up with my intuitive, 7.5-9h sleep patterns
CHECK! I'm really LOVING this goal. Tuesday, I actually woke up for school a good 20 minutes before my alarm clock went off. There's just something so satisfying about waking up on your own and not to an infernal siren-y alarm that wrenches you from a good dream. Great way to start the day.

5. Drink at least 1.5L of water each day.
Check. Doing so well with this. Just carrying my 1,5L bottle with me everywhere, even if it makes me look odd. It's been especially important since I've worked 3 field trips this week, so it's important for my voice (and general well-being) to stay hydrated out in the sun and wind with small children!

As far as goals for the coming week are concerned, expect to see a lot less of me on the blog/twitter. Jon's here and I haven't seen him since Christmas... and won't see him again until the end of June, so I fully intend to enjoy our precious time together as much as possible.

As to how that relates to next week's goals, it just means that they aren't as strict:
  1. Keep tracking my food
  2. Run with Jon at least 2x (3 would be great)
  3. Try to make our activities as healthy as possible. We'll be doing a TON of sight-seeing AND, on top of that, I'm trying to work in some hiking (we'll see) and a possible bike excursion, so we won't be sitting around at all!
  4. Enjoy myself, but don't over indulge. Jon and I plan to go out on at least a few dates with at least one nice French restaurant included, so I want to enjoy that, but not undo all of the progress I've made since March!
  5. Keep up with my "intuitive sleeping" (this should be doable since we'll both be on vacation after all)
  6. Keep up with my 1,5L of daily water