Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In and Goal Eval

Let me start off by saying that this week is not going to be my first #7daychip. I spent almost half of it (Saturday-Monday) sick, not being able to eat, and not exercising. Then, for the remaining 4 days, I've been over my 1,200 CC calorie goal every day and over my 1,400 max personal calorie target by at least 80 calories each day too. Always under my burn for the day, but still not where I want to be calorie-wise. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm hoping to kick it into gear next week, but it's going to be really difficult since Jon arrives on Wednesday!

That said, here how I did with the updated goals I set for myself once I got better on Monday:

1. Get in 2 runs (one on Tues or Weds and one on Friday)

Check! Got in the really difficult run on Tuesday and my first "speed" workout in a long time Thursday night after work.

2. Do 1 full-length P90X workout either Tuesday or Wednesday

Check! Wednesday morning, I did P90X Yoga all the way through for the first time probably since December. I can STILL feel it--I love those kind of workouts! Might try to do it again tomorrow morning.

3. Clean/organize my apartment

Not really. Did go through and organize a lot of my papers and get that all sorted, but I still need to REALLY clean and do laundry before Jon gets here.

4. Get no more than 7.5-8hrs of sleep a night. No naps.

CHECK! This might actually be what I'm most proud of this week. On Wednesday, I got myself out of bed and got my day started earlier than anticipated, ate my breakfast, then got my yoga in right away... Great way to start the day. THEN, for work both Thursday and Friday I woke up (and got up) about 10 minutes before my alarm clock because I went to bed on time. I'm so proud of this and I'm feeling great about this choice already! :)

As far as weigh-in, here are this week's results:

Starting weight: 193.8
Last week: 70.5kg (155.4 lbs)
Today: 70.0kg (154.3lbs)
Change: -.5kg (-1.1lb)

Wow, a whole half kilo down? It doesn't sound like a lot in kilos, but I'll DEFINITELY take a 1.1 pound loss! Plus, this puts me in a great position for next week: I mightcould break into the 60's for the very first time!!! Woo! It's not a fast process, but these little losses will totally add up!

On the whole, I'm pleased with my overall goal turn out and tracking this week. Even if I'm not elated with my intake, I've tracked everything and it's led to this next week's goals!

In order to get my first #7daychip, here are my goals for next week:

  1. Run 4x: Saturday with Jeanna, Monday after work, Wednesday before meeting Jon, and Friday WITH Jon to show him Ile-de-la-Barthelasse. I plan on making Monday a speed workout, the others TBD.
  2. Do P90X Yoga and Ab Ripper X at least one time each (planned for Sunday and then Thursday night)
  3. Stay under 1,400 calories for at least 4 days, with 2 days in the 1,200's.
  4. Keep up with my intuitive, 7.5-9h sleep patterns
  5. Drink at least 1.5L of water each day. (I know this is under the 64oz. but I want to start with a manageable goal and work from there).
I know I've laid these goals out really specifically, but I want to be able to KNOW without a doubt if I've earned my chip or not and if I'm on track to do so, especially since Jon is coming too! For the workouts, if the days change, it's okay, but the overall numbers are what count.

Anyway, I wish you all an AMAZING weekend and now it's time to GET TO IT! :)