Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vacation Recap: Part I (aka 'What We Did')

I'm back. Vacation was amazing. Definitely two of the best weeks of my life to date. That said, I'm up 1.5 kilos and have only run 1x since April 13th, but I'm too happy and optimistic to be bothered. Now, time to get back on track for the sprint to the finish (i.e. moving home on June 22nd).

That said, so many fun things happened while I was gone that I didn't know how to show you with out uploading thousands of photos. What I decided to do was break it into a photo-a-day recap with one post of 'what we did' and another of 'what we ate.' In practice, there were too many things for one a day, but I did try to limit the posting! Enjoy today's part! Check back in for my post about making Jon take in and taste French food! Can't wait to catch up on your blogs!

Day 1:
Picked Jon up at the train station and promptly introduced him to all my friends for dinner

Day 2:
"Bring Your Boyfriend to Work" Day (took him on a school field trip to Maubec)

Day 3:
Tour of Avignon!

Day 4:
Montpellier with some friends... and helped host a "frat" party
(apparently to Brits, red solo cups are just things that appear in US TV shows and movies... so we taught them flip cup and pong...)

Wearing my first ever OSU teeshirt... a super nice prize from Jon when get got here!

Day 5:
Visiting the market in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and being invited to a typical Provençal lunch at the home of one of the teachers I work with

(Isle is a canal-based city where they've channeled the Sorgue to run through it... pretty!)

Day 6:
Walked over 6 miles (round trip) to Villeneuve-lez-Avignon to check out the Fort Saint-André (then had 'Mexican' food night with my friends!)

Day 7:
Got a 3€ per person round trip bus ticket to go check out the Pont-du-Gard and bask in the sun. Beaching by a Roman aqueduct built in 50 AD? Not too shabby!

Day 8:
Souvenir shopping and picnicking in Avignon

(Our standard lunch fare for the week: salad with a scoop of white bean tuna salad on it, apple, yogurt)

Day 9:
Bike tour around Ile-de-la-Barthelasse

Day 10:
Jon discovers wine in a box in France AND we went out to dinner to say goodbye to Helen

Day 11:
Paris! Put our own lock on a bridge and picnicked at the Eiffel Tower! (sorry these photos aren't as good... Jon hasn't posted his DSLR ones yet!)

Day 12:
Checked out an invasion (and Sacre Coeur) in Montmartre and walked miles to the Army Museum

Day 13:
Dropped Jon off at CDG and took my train back to Avignon. The town cried because I didn't bring him home with me.