Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Kid Science Fair

Okay, so today I'm presenting my undergrad thesis at OU's Student Creativity Expo (aka the big kid science fair). See? This is me with my super sweet set-up:

Instead of eating the pizza they're providing for lunch I packed myself the usual: turkey/mustard sandwich (on an arnold, of course), carrots, yogurt, an orange, and one of those little jello mousse things for dessert. Total: 5.5 points. Much more food than 1 slice of 6 point pizza (and who can ever stop at one slice, I mean really?).

Today starts a new week and I'm debating about going to weigh-in tonight since Megan can't... I might just go Saturday morning before going to the Farmer's Market. I know I said I was getting back on the wagon, but well... this week wasn't as bad as last week, but I'm still going to gain.

That said, Liz (one of Jons co-workers) is going to let us borrow her P90X, so we'll have that tonight and I've packed my gym bag so that I can go for a run after class. After a week and a half of no running, I'm guessing tonight is going to be pretty rough, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off till then!

Edit: Didn't win the Science Fair (well in the Arts & Humanities division), but did get to talk to some fun people. My friend Jaime got second place and also snapped this fun photo of me talking to two prospective undergrads in French (it was high school scholars day too).


Lynz said...

Let me know what you think of the p90x... So far out of the ones I have done.. I like the cardio the best. Granted it kicked my tail... but it was a good workout ;-)

Lynz said...

Just seen your question.. you don't need a pull up bar. They offer an "alternate" exercise for all the pull up exercises. You do need some of those resistance bands though if you want to do the alternate exercises. The "tube" style ones are better, the flat "sheetlike" ones are harder to hold onto etc. The exercises using a chin up bar will instead require the band and you pull the band in a similar manner you would do a chin up. I cant do a chin up, so I went with bands first. I figured 15 reps with the band was a lot better than 1 chin up.. HAHA.. Also you need somewhere to "anchor" the bands. I have an hook anchored into a 2X4, it works for me. However I have seen some of the tubing comes with a door attachment that may workout a lil better.

Now on other exercises, you can use free weights or the bands. I don't think there are any exercises where you HAVE to use the free weights only. All seem to have one of the guys on bands to show you how to do that. I ended up ordering a 5 band assortment off amazon..

I hope this works..

Also the chin up bar etc all of it is cheaper on amazon, ebay, etc. I rarely buy them in the stores...