Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank Heavens tomorrow begins a new week

Short post, since I'm tired and have to get up in 6ish hours.

This week started out great. Well, by week I mean the Monday after my disastrously delicious food weekend. I had planned out all the workouts that would make up for my misadventures and hopefully keep me from gaining too much this week. Unfortunately, I failed to consider my life this week when making said plans: studying for the GRE, GRE taking, Mother Visiting, Cinco de Mayo.

As such, I haven't worked out since that fabulous workout sequence Monday and I'm sad to admit to you all that I've not eaten well at all since then.

Tonight, my mom was in town for the day to visit and go to an Honors Lunch with me, so I decided to take her and Jon out to dinner for Mother's Day. We had a really nice time, the food at Lui Lui's is always amazing, and, of course, we all split a slice of blueberry cake and one of BAILEY'S CHEESECAKE (It's even better than it sounds). After the meal (and the bill), it did strike me that as much as I enjoyed everything about the meal (Seared AhiAhi Tuna and a glass of Pino Grigio), I just paid more than I should've to go ridiculously over what I should eat. I know that's a pessimistic view of a really great outing, but I did feel kind of bad...and then Jon and I met our friends up at Casa (a locally owned bar) for drinks for Cinco de Mayo, where I also drank more points than I should.

Anyways, tomorrow won't be pretty and I feel like this is becoming a habit of me dreading my weigh-ins and whining on my blog about it beforehand. I'll stop (next week), I promise. They just make me nervous.

BUT you know what else made me nervous this week? Taking my GRE. Which I did this morning, after ditching last night's run to hole myself up in the living room to review math for (literally) 6+ hours. I'm not sure how much that paid off today, BUT I do know that I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about triangles and trapezoids and that I got a decent enough score to (hopefully) get into one of the following schools to which my scores were sent: Emory, Vanderbilt, IU-Bloomington, UF (No, Auburn discriminates against French and doesn't offer an M.A. or a PhD). You know what I don't know? Anything about exponents, so don't ask.

Night all!


Lynz said...

Don't sweat the weigh ins so much... we all have our ups and downs... You have made some improvements. Think of all the times you went out to eat and didn't think twice about it. You at least now think about it and have that guilt. That in and of itself is a huge step in the right direction. Now just keep working towards making reasonable choices and planning out the week. It will come in due time, just dont get too frustrated with it ;-)

I think I am still paying for last weekend's binge.. HAHA.. and that DQ Blizzard last night soooooo didn't make me loose weight ..

Dave said...

Mmmm ... a Blizzard ... that's what I need: to get stuck in a blizzard until I lose weight. I've been trying to go from 195 to 190 for a month now. Haven't budged an inch.