Monday, May 10, 2010

This Weekend (In Pictures)

Whew, what a jam-packed weekend. Friday started the weekend with a delicious Lox/Avocado/Light Cream Cheese bagel from Athen's own Bagel Street Deli. Not only is this place a local favorite, but it's also special because that's where Jonboy and I went on our first impromptu date. :)

Also, after lunch my friend Katy and I stopped by a local bookstore's street sale and stumbled upon this gem:

The whole idea of this book alternately makes me laugh and pisses me off. Really? A cookbook to encourage emotional eating? Seriously?!

Since this weekend was going to be really nice outside (albeit cold on Saturday/Sunday), Jon and I decided to tackle all the things we've been too busy to do.

Goals for the weekend:
1. Fix the plumbing in the shower (Jon did this...I just cheered him on and cleaned the rest of the house)
2. Finish/Redo the kitchen: On our first weekend together, Jon and I tore up the linoleum in his kitchen with the intent of replacing it with vinyl tile. Instead, we ended up living with the plywood sub-floor until this weekend (total 5 months). Though, once we decided to do the floor and had to take out all the appliances for that, we thought we might as well just go ahead and repaint/put up the backsplash for the oven while the appliances were already in the living room. Result: brand new kitchen!
3. Go to the Farmer's Market
4. Go for a morning run (Didn't happen... Oops)
5. Grill out with Beth and Steve (Happened, but sadly there are no pictures. Extra bonuses from grilling out: I've finally tasted and fallen in love with parsnips and Jon has learned how to play Apples to Apples!)

Jon spent all Friday night fixing the shower--so Saturday morning, we didn't wake up early enough to run, but we *did* however make it in time to go to the Athen's Farmer's Market. Jon'd never been and I've been wanting to take him since we started dating, but, sadly, not a lot of fresh produce growing in the winter. Saturday was super windy and cold, so we didn't get to stay too long, but while were were there we did manage to grab THIS amazing creation from the local pizza joint Avalanche's bakery:

Yes, this is covered in nutella. It's a bready thing with half a banana baked into the top, smothered in nutella. Not very points friendly, BUT it was breakfast and we shared it.

See? Jon had some too and, bonus, looks happy to be there despite the wind and cold. I'd give him crap about the cold since he's from Alabama and all, but hey, my midwestern self thought it was pretty chilly too.

Then, we came home and conquered the kitchen:

Okay, by "before" I really mean, pre-tile. Here, you can already see the plywood primer

In Progress:


I LOVE the new kitchen look. Disregard our mess since the dishwasher isn't working yet, but still, what a change from the old look! :)

Although I'm not a fan of our oven, I do think the backsplash really helps make it look a bit better!

Anyways, busy, but productive weekend. No running, but I definitely didn't sit around and do nothing instead. Whew! Now onto the master bedroom! It's going to be an interesting project because not only did the former owners paint it navy, but then they feathered some silver paint on top of that. Plus, we're going to tackle the carpet replacement on our own... Any tips and pointers would DEFINITELY be appreciated!


Lynz said...

Awesome Job on the kitchen... Want to come and do mine? HAHA.. I bought my house 2 years ago and the first thing I HAD to do was rip out the old carpet and put down laminate hard wood floors. The old owner had cats and I have dogs... well you can see why the carpet had to go. I still have 1 room left that has to be done. But I was doing it all on my own (okay dad helped), but still it was taking a large amount of time. I also have bought paint for the rooms, however it is stored neatly in the cans, not on the walls.. LMAO...

Good luck with the laying the carpet!!!

Nicky said...

Haha--Perhaps! Yeah, that's pretty much why our carpet has to go ASAP.

Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes!