Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh no! Weekend Guilt-o-Meter!

**Image from goodhousekeeping.com**

I feel like I do this every week, but woo! I'm not good with weekend eating. This weekend, there was a big meal every day:

Pasta dinner (Homemade pesto, alfredo, and marinara!?! Must try all three!) + Garlic bread = Epic points

Race "Reward" Burger + Fries + Dinner (Chicken breasts in a white wine, mushroom, and shallot sauce with couscous)

Szechwan peanut butter noodles with Chicken (WW recipe), but more than 1 serving

I meant to take photos of the chicken and the noodles because they were SO delicious. Here's a link to the chicken recipe at Epicurious... Yum!

It's hard to not over-psych yourself out for a race. I think there's definitely that mentality that you've worked SO hard and definitely deserve to indulge (which I felt, and did) and it's easy to forget that your awesome 33-minute race time only actually translates into 4 Activity Points... i.e. almost enough to burn off the hamburger bun by itself. So, when I finally 'fessed up and went to track my weekend (after the fact), I was in the red 35 points! I mean, I'm not *that* suprised, but wow. The fact that it poured rain on Sunday so I didn't go out and run didn't do me any favors either.

That said, yesterday, I jumped back on the bandwagon with an epic workout based on my calculations of how much I have to work out to even begin to make up for the weekend. Yesterday's plan: an 8-mile run, biking to and from the gym, and a Pilates class. I ended up only running a little over 4 miles due to time constraints before Pilates and a general feeling of pain in my entire body afterwards. That, and the first run wasn't very good--I couldn't pick up the pace and it was humid and muggy outside already at 9am. I actually got sunburnt, regardless of having put on sunscreen beforehand. Oh, the joys of being really pale. Regardless, the Pilates definitely felt good. It's true that after a few months of no Pilates, the first day back is KILLER. I can definitely feel it in my abs this morning. Please tell me I'm not alone in that I actually really enjoy feeling a bit sore after a good workout--it really makes me feel like I pushed myself and accomplished something. I'm definitely going to have to keep using it as a cross training exercise since I'd love to one day have actual abs.

Anyways, I also decided to try something new with the Garmin for this workout series. I wore it the whole time: Biking, Jogging, and Pilaticizing (yes, I made a new verb). It worked pretty well, though somehow right before Pilates it changed to a different workout (thus the two separate sets of charts). It also thought I moved around a lot more than I did during Pilates. To my knowledge, I never left my mat.

Map 1: the bike ride to the gym, my jogging route and the beginning of Pilates

Map 2: Staying on my mat in Pilates and biking back

The heart rate charts were pretty interesting too:

I didn't label this one, just Pilates and then the bike ride

And here are the labeled splits:

The calories are a bit off because I left the Garmin in running mode for the biking bits (so it thinks I ran a 5-minute mile), but still, pretty interesting. Next time, I'll have to break things up more effectively to get a better count.

So yeah, I felt a lot better about being back on track after that workout. Then, for dinner I made healthy salads with dill/lemon salmon, homemade lemon vinaigrette, feta and veggies. Then for dessert we made homemade versions of my favorite Dairy Queen blizzard: the Hawaiian one. We put frozen pineapple, a banana, some shaved coconut, and fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt in a the blender and roughly blended them together and voilà blizzard! So good! I definitely recommend it.

Anyways, it feels good to be back on track. I stepped on the scale this morning as per usual and was down a pound from Monday morning's whopping 170, so that felt good. We'll see what happens. Moral of the story: don't over estimate your race rewards or your need for pasta prep. Well, unless you're going to run a marathon. Then all bets are off.


Integrity Daily said...

Wow! The salad looks amazing, my mouth is watering. Thanks for encouraging words on my post from the weekend. Keep up the great work!

Love the idea to make your own version of your favorite treat from DQ!

Lynz said...

Awesome job at working your butt off to get back on track.. I know it is hard, but you will get there if you keep it up ;-)