Saturday, May 1, 2010

Columbus Commit to Be Fit 5k

So, today was the 5k that I started C25K to train for back in January. After a carbo-loading pasta meal at our friend Andrew's last night, we drove up to Columbus to spend the night on my friend Jess's couch, since she was running in the 5k too. The day started out entirely too early for a Saturday, overcast, and ended up with a pretty hard rain by the end of Jon's half marathon. Parking and everything was painless since we pre-paid/reserved parking and had already picked up our registration packets last weekend. We were also able to exchange our tech shirts for smaller sizes without any fuss as well.

We got there in plenty of time and managed to find an empty tent to use as cover while stretching as we got ready for the race.

Here's Jess, making sure she's all stretched out for take off.

Jon was very excited about his new Auburn tech shirt he ordered and had overnighted specially for the race. He was also really excited (and kind of nervous) about his first half marathon.

I'm rocking a different color UA tank this week and am apparently really elated to be being photographed. Most importantly here, you'll see that I look like a real runner... How'd that happen?

We lined up with the 10:00 pacers and since there were around 10,000 participants, after the 8am start, it took us around 7 minutes to actually cross the finish line. Sadly, since I wanted to wait to start my Garmin until I'd gotten to the finish line... by the time that happened, I was too caught up in the moment and it took me 3/10 of a mile to realize that I'd failed at that... Oops. You can see that on the map:

We started and ended on Spring St., but I didn't realize it was off until I looked down and saw 0ft. distance as I crossed High St.

Other than that minor slip up, the race went really well and I pushed myself really hard too. In fact, I was really surprised when I saw this HRM chart:

I really must've been pushing at the end, since my heart rate was above Zone 5--almost at 190! Still, it felt great to finish.

Race Stats:
Time: 33:16
Place: 615/1868 overall, 247/1155 women
Official Pace: 10:44

Not too shabby I feel, even if it's not as good as the one last week. Then again, last week's timing wasn't as official/organized and they didn't have chips, so it's possible that I was slower and closer to my own iPod stopwatch's measurements. Regardless, I know I pushed it has hard as I could.

And now, some after race photos.

Me with my other 5k ladies, Jess and Linda and our finishers medals

After seeing my Garmin at work the other day, Linda was so excited about it that she made her final decisions that she definitely wanted one too. Little did she know that her boyfriend had already gotten her one as a 5k/birthday surprise!

Jon finished his first half in 1:52:00 in the pouring rain! I'm so proud of him. I made him a sign and waiting for him on the sidelines as they came in, but, sadly, the sign didn't hold up too well in the rain.

Afterward, we changed and met up with some of our other 5k/Half friends at Plank's Cafe for the very appropriate after-race meal of burgers, fries, and beer. Hey, we deserved it.

Now, onto the next challenge!


fittingbackin said...

GREAT RACE - love the pics - you look so super happy! Also love that AU shirt - war eagle!

Lynz said...

Awesome job on hitting that goal to run in the race!!

I am getting more and more tempted to get a garmin. I am wanting to hit the point where I actually finish the C25K before ordering, but it is sure getting tempting to get it early. I am curious about heart rate and see how much it drops over time.

Tony The Pink Panda said...

Can I just say that Jon is a cutie ^_^.

Kat said...

Congrats on the 5k!! Well done on your time as well.

Yum Yucky said...

Love the Twin Watch-pose photo. Way to go on that time!

Dave said...

Nicky, you are just freakin' awesome!! But, let me get this straight. There was only 713 men in a field of 1868? Every course is different, and as you point out - you can tell by your heart rate that you were working your fanny off. And Jon did supremely awesome also.