Thursday, May 13, 2010


I know it's a coward thing to do, but... I'm postponing weigh-in until Saturday morning definitely. Especially after this run and Meg calling and deciding she was definitely not going to make it.

Just got back from my first run (if you can call it that) since last Monday and it was horrible. I'll post more charts later when I can hook the Garmin up to my computer, but let's just say... terrible run. After the first mile, I maybe got myself to run another .5 out of the remaining 2 miles that we left. I ended up with an even 3 miles in 40 minutes.

I sweat buckets and really just hated life the whole time. But, regardless, I'm glad I went. At least with that terrible run behind me, I can get back into the swing of things. Plus, Jon got p90x from Liz, so that's definitely happening. :)

Weather for this lovely run:

You'll notice that the humidity is only 59%... I swear when I was running that I thought it was definitely higher than that.

Anyway, here's me, really sweaty, post-run:

Whew. Hopefully my next run won't be quite so terrible. I guess at least I can be happy I got out there! I don't know about you, but once I go off plan or start procrastinating ANYTHING in my life, it's so much harder to make myself go back or crack down and finally get it done. Ick!


Lynz said...

Hey how is the p90x workout routine coming along?

Nicky said...

Hey! Sorry I've been so MIA--thesis is due tmw, then I'll be back in full force! We're actually going to start p90x this weekend once Jon gets back from a business trip. :) I'll have to catch up and see how it's going for you, I've been 100% absent from the blogosphere lately. (It didn't help that I was up 4.2 last week due to everything + TOM). Hope you're doing well!

Dave said...

Finally - a brave soul with post-run sweaty pictures!! I've been on Level 10 (i.e. above 190 pounds) for what ... 45 days now? So, I can completely relate to postponing the weigh in. When I jogged, I used to feel a bit queasy and disinterested in food. Now jogging turns me into the Ronco Food Vacuum. I think the only cure is more cowbell. But, my legs will only let me do this a few times a week.